Tips for rocking my wig in public.

Lacefronts. Tips for rocking my wig in public

The first time wearing a wig in public, particularly for those who have experienced hair loss or thinning, can be a momentarily daunting situation. Lace Fronts is all about providing confidence boosting wigs that are extremely natural looking and impressively stylish.


Whether you’re wearing a vibrant pink ombre style wig or a sleek, black, extra-long style wig, the most important element to wearing a wig in public is maintaining your self-confidence. If you are feeling yourself, others will feel that with you. The law of attraction is very real, so when you put on your wig for the first time and are about to walk into that fancy event with all your favourite people, smile, relax and hold your head high. Don’t avoid eye contact or try to dodge incoming conversations in fear that people will judge you – because millions of people around the globe wear wigs on a daily basis and this number is only continuing to grow!


Technology and manufacturing advances today have given Lace Fronts the ability to create our wigs in ways that are virtually impossible to tell apart from bio hair. In saying that, just because you’re wearing a wig doesn’t mean you should feel inclined to keep it a secret. You will be

bewildered by how many people will be impressed and curious about your latest fabulous accessory. If you opt for a more natural looking colour and texture, your wig can be seamlessly worn day-to-day, whether this is in the office, out to lunch or hitting the clubs at night. Choose a wig that will work best for your lifestyle and wear it with confidence as often or as little as you like, there’s really no rules!


Your hair is a part of your identity, something that people feel is a defining element of their femininity, masculinity and vitality. Dealing with hair loss, thinning or receding can be an emotionally tumultuous experience for most. Lace Fronts have wigs with the ability to restore your vitality which are available in varying natural hair coverage styles. By purchasing your first wig, you’re taking a really positive step in feeling like yourself again. Lace Fronts specialise in providing the highest quality human hair, full lace fronts that allow you the freedom to experiment with bangs, curls, straight or bob hairstyles – which can either enhance your natural look or completely transform your style.