Will I be too hot wearing a wig in summer?

Lacefronts. Will I be too hot wearing a wig in summer?

This is a commonly asked question by those considering purchasing a wig, and the short answer is no. Actually, here at Lace Fronts we find in the warmer months there is a surge in wig wearing due to a general increase in desire to immerse yourself in the beautiful warmer weather with friends and family. There is also a tendency to be more festivals, events, weddings and vacation plans during this time – so it’s no surprise you’re curious as to how to navigate this summertime heat while wearing your favourite wig.

Many people rock synthetic and human hair wigs all year round without a bother, even in places like Queensland and California renowned for longer summers. However, if you do personally struggle with the heat or are planning on wearing your wig to an event that is notoriously hot, we do have some great tips to help you maximise comfort levels while remaining fabulous in your wig of choice this summer.


There are many pros to wearing both synthetic and human hair wigs in the summertime. Just like your bio hair, human hair wigs may flatten or require additional touch-ups throughout a long day, whereas synthetic wigs may have more style memory and will bounce back phenomenally even after a wash. Synthetic hair is fantastic at staying in place for you during weather that encompasses excessive heat or humidity. Synthetic fibres are lightweight and airy and therefore don’t hold much oil or dampness. Their colour is great at standing the test of time in harsher climates and beating down sunshine with anti-fading properties.


Our human hair wigs have an extremely natural and realistic look and feel. You’re not required to have any natural hair for them to look fabulous and they’re extremely easy to put on. Hotter months tend to increase dryness of both human and synthetic wigs, because they don’t have the ability to naturally produce oil. With human hair wigs, there is an extensive range of moisturising shampoos, conditioners and hair oils that can safely be used to restore your wig back to its original softness. Human hair wigs allow you the freedom to maintain your wigs vitality even after extended sun exposure!


Longer style wigs are naturally heavier than shorter, or pixie cut wigs, but if you want to keep the length while minimising heat production, Lace Fronts have some great styling alternatives to try. French braid your wig – this style will not disrupt the wigs hair direction and is actually a lot easier than you think! There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials that will simplify this effortlessly stylish hairdo for you to try on your chosen wig. Once complete, to ensure optimal airflow around your face and neck, secure your French braid with a light hairspray and some pins.

Clipping your wig strategically away from your face will also allow you the opportunity to feel more breeze on and around your face and neck, which can improve comfort levels dramatically on a hot day! Lucky for you, oversized hair barrettes are all the rage right now, and as well as looking completely glam they will keep your straight, wavy or curly haired wig in place perfectly for hours on end. They range from small to extra-large in size, so depending on the level of hair you have, you’re bound to find an option that works for you.


Darker colours are notorious for attracting sunlight which can cause your scalp to slightly heat up if you’re in the sun for an extended period of time. If you’re naturally inclined to go for a shiny black or dark chocolate coloured wig, summertime is the perfect time for you to test out some of Lace Fronts lighter colour options. Experiment with a vibrant or pastel coloured wig that embodies summer style and island fun! These are universal colours that will work with any skin tone and brow colour.

Here, at Lace Fronts we recommend if you’re planning on an outdoor activity with minimal shade coverage available, try going blonde for a day! This is a colour that is available in a variety of gorgeous silver, golden and strawberry shades that again, work amazingly with a multitude of skin, eye and brow colours.


If you are diligent in washing your human or synthetic hair wig and wig cap thoroughly during the warmer months, build ups of oil and sweat can be kept easily under control. When storing your wig in between wears, regardless of whether your wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair, be sure to house it in a cool, dry place within your home. Avoid keeping your wig close by a windowsill or in your car as the sun beating in will fade the colour of your favourite wig more rapidly and also breakdown the fibres after extended exposure. Be mindful not to store your wig in a bathroom with poor ventilation, as steam from showering will dampen your wig

which then has the ability to increase bacteria and mould growth as well as fibre breakage of the wig.