How to detangle your wig.

Whether you’re a long time wig wearer or new to the game, it’s important to understand that wigs are definitely not immune to the dreaded knotting and tangling that biological hair experiences. Unsurprisingly, your wig hair will not replenish naturally like real hair so it’s important to care for your wig properly and use detangling… Continue reading How to detangle your wig.

Festival Wig Wearing

I absolutely love going to festivals. There’s nothing more special to me than going to some far off (or sometimes nearby) location and immersing myself in dance, music and fashion. Going to festivals with my friends has always been a highlight for us and trust me when I say preparing for a festival takes intense… Continue reading Festival Wig Wearing

What is a Lace Front wig?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities change their hairstyles at the snap of a fingers? How they have the best style, volume and flyness! It’s a wig girl! Ever imagined how girls wear hair that’s obviously a wig (because you saw them in the morning and their hair was definitely not that long) and yet still leave… Continue reading What is a Lace Front wig?