Why choose a wig over hair extensions?

If you’ve come to the decision that you want to enhance your look but are stuck on deciding between hair extensions and a wig, here are some elements to consider that differentiate the two. Purchasing a wig is an experience personal to you, so be sure to keep sight of your style and make a purchase from Lace Fronts that you know you will love for years to come!


Often with human hair or synthetic hair extensions, the hair has to be bonded to strands of your real hair with tape or glue. Naturally, this has the ability to inflict a pulling force onto your hair that can result in scalp tenderness. Excessive strain on your hair follicles by heavy extensions, in extreme cases can cause traction alopecia which is a form of gradual hair loss due to pulling. This is a reversible condition if it is addressed in a timely manner. With extensions or weaves often, you will be persuaded to cut your hair prior to the adhesion phase, then thin it out after the application of the extensions in order to minimise the hair disconnect.

This can sometimes leave your natural hair more wispy than when you started – which we know was not your goal! The beauty of a wig, is that you have the option to completely transform your look without damaging, cutting or excessively dying your natural hair. You can allow your natural hair to grow freely and never let it stand in the way of style options as it will be hidden under your wig cap.


Hair extensions and weaves require some hair to attach to in order to amplify your length and thickness. If you have a short or pixie style haircut the disconnect between extensions and your natural hair can often become wildly evident as soon as your natural locks begin to slightly grow out. This is not what you want! But with a wig, you don’t need to worry about constantly having extensions pushed-up or redone in order to maintain the look. This process can become expensive and time consuming, but with a wig you are free to let your natural hair grow while still being able to have stylish hair whenever you want.

With wigs you can achieve the perfect hairline, which isn’t the case with extensions or weaves. You can even buy them pre-styled or with a gorgeous wave that allows you to achieve the most beautiful and low maintenance look all year round. Unlike extensions, wigs give you the option

to flick between the most flawless looks which are available in an array of differing lengths, colours, textures and styles.


Wearing a wig allows you to seamlessly transform your look from day-to-day. Whereas extensions and weaves restrict you to less variety, particularly if they are synthetic. Wigs allow you to completely change your persona overnight. You can buy a wig that embodies the hair length and texture that you’ve always dreamed of having. The right wig is the perfect accessory that can accentuate any outfit dramatically. Wigs allow you the freedom to sport a more visually enhanced version of your natural hair, or embrace a wild, colourful option for one night only.

Human hair wigs have the ability to look completely natural and can be styled and coloured just like normal hair. Synthetic wigs have different colouring and maintenance requirements, but they can be just as appealing and impressive as a human hair wig. Lace Fronts variety of wigs give you the most natural and secured hairline of any wig on the market and are available in human hair and synthetic styles that are both affordable and long lasting.