Lace Fronts Australia creates bespoke, hand-made human hair wigs, for all ages and styles.  Please peruse the collections below and reach out should you have any questions. 

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Our woman-run, small business is so proud to present our complete collection of human hair wigs. 

Our clients wear wigs for so many different reasons and at the end of the day everyone wants the same outcome. To be in control and confident within themselves and to FEEL GREAT.  


Our beautiful colours and styles are created by us, in Australia by our talented hairdressers.

We create human hair wigs so natural and well made that if you were to tell someone you were wearing a wig, they would be genuinely shocked and amazed. 


This is why Lace Fronts Australia is quickly becoming known for luxury and superior quality.


 We pride ourselves in constant development, in all areas from customer service to product development and, very importantly, integrity within an industry that is busy, to say the least.  


Avoid the disappointment of shopping internationally, support a family business and let us create the most perfect wig for you! 


Reach out today with any questions. We would love to walk you through the whole process or answer any questions you may have. There is no question too silly; like anything new, it can be overwhelming and scary but we are here for you. 


Not sure how to put a wig on? Book in with one of our wig specialists for a before or after purchase appointment.

These appoitments are completely free and can be in-store or via video call. We will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 


Soft, long-lasting hair that falls perfectly into any style. Our virgin hair is the absolute best quality, offering a silky European texture that is incredibly soft and holds a curl beautifully.


Forget the glues and tapes with Lace Fronts Australia. Simplify the wig process and take control of more than your hair.


Whether you are wig shopping for hair loss, thinning, medical treatments, work, play, or just because you deserve it, experience the Lace Fronts Australia difference.   


lightweight WIGS

Chocolate Brown Luxe Lacefront Synthetic - Eden

Welcome to our lightest wigs yet.


This collection is perfect for those experiencing hair loss, petite face types, wanting to replicate thinner biological hair, and those seeking support and identity during medical treatments. For those wanting the lightest, finest wig possible, look no further


Enjoy the same hand-created, finer details our clients have come to expect in our Lightweight Human Hair Wigs, as Lace Fronts Australia has set the standard in.



⭐️ Tangle Free, long lasting, 100% Brazillian Virgin Hair.


🩷 Soft transparent lace that disappears into the skin.


⭐️ Secure wigs with Ear Tabs that fit so well you will forget you are wearing them.


🩷 Just put it on and go, look and feel great with No Glue & No Fuss.


⭐️ Great personalised service and experience. 


Beauty comes from inner confidence, wisdom and a great wig! 

Our range of mature Human Hair wigs look and feel as great as you deserve to.


Hand-crafted for an extremely natural look that is a pleasure to wear and easy to maintain. 


This collection is perfect for those experiencing hair loss, wanting to replicate thinning biological hair, support and identity during medical treatments or simply looking to elevate their style.


Wigs are a beauty tool that have been around forever, and they are better than ever at Lace Fronts Australia. 



Need support or have a question? We are here to help!

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