How to detangle your wig.

Lacefronts. How to detangle your wig

Whether you’re a long time wig wearer or new to the game, it’s important to understand that wigs are definitely not immune to the dreaded knotting and tangling that biological hair experiences. Unsurprisingly, your wig hair will not replenish naturally like real hair so it’s important to care for your wig properly and use detangling strategies that are gentle and mindful to avoid unnecessary damage being done to your favourite Lace Fronts wig.


Wigs can sometimes be more inclined to tangle in comparison to biological hair as naturally occurring oils in real hair work like a conditioner for your locks and aid in the detangling process. Here at Lace Fronts, our human hair wigs are made with the highest quality expertise and it’s important to understand that with some patience and wig friendly tools, you can successfully detangle and reinvigorate your wig without having to dispose of it.




This will vary depending on how often you wear your wig, however, if you’re a daily wig wearer and aren’t prone to overly sweating, a simple once weekly wash with shampoo and conditioner should keep your human hair wig in good condition. Also, be mindful if you’re a daily wig wearer, to not walk in the rain or swim in your wig if you want to reduce the amount of washing required. If you only wear your wig occasionally or for special events, simply wash your wig after wear then store it away in a cool dry place until your next wear.




This is a product that will make the detangling process far easier for our valued Lace Fronts customers. Always place your wig on your stand after washing it, as this will allow your wig to dry while helping prevent further tangling. Another benefit of a wig stand is that during the drying process they help in maintaining your wigs shape. Quality wig stands are generally very sturdy and robust which makes them the ideal platform to use when combing or brushing your wig once dry.




Wig hair is more delicate than biological hair so it’s important to be mindful of which brushing and combing motions you choose. Ensure you are being gentle and starting from the bottom of your hair, as you would with real hair but with a brush or comb that is more suitable for your wig. Your everyday brush can be too harsh on your wig and may stretch or pull out wig hairs. Choose a wig specific wide tooth comb or wire styling brush with metal prongs as rigid bristles prevent the hair from dragging.




It’s important to maintain your wigs’ smoothness and quality by ensuring you are brushing your wig regularly to detangle knots that accumulate due to general wear time. It will cause far less damage or hairloss to your Lace Fronts human hair wig if you detangle the smaller knots on a regular basis rather than waiting and attempting to remove a huge accumulation of knots or the dreaded “rats nest” in one sitting.




The nape of the neck can sweat and is an area that experiences friction from jewellery or shirt collars which can cause knotting or matting of your favourite Lace Fronts wig. However, some of this tangling can be avoided if you simply keep your favourite wig comb or brush on you for use throughout the day. This way you can regularly address this problem area and avoid coming home to a wig disaster. The key here is to keep on top of tangles throughout the day, and if you forget your comb one day use your fingers to carefully separate your tangle prone locks.


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