How do I know when to replace my human hair wig?

Lacefronts. How do I know when Ito replace my human hair wig?

It’s inevitable that your human hair wig will eventually need replacing as the quality of human hair wigs can taint as time goes on. This can be due to extended exposure to environmental elements, lack of adequate care, or due to your general high frequency wear time. Understandably, the less you wear your wig the longer it will last, and if you’re an everyday wearer, the life expectancy of your wig will likely be shorter than if you were to only wear your wig on special occasions. Without a clear and designated time frame, how are you supposed to know when exactly you should be replacing your human hair wig? Here at Lace Fronts, we can make that simple for you, by educating you on some very obvious signs that it’s time for you to start looking for a replacement wig.




Here at Lace Fronts, we pride ourselves on having vibrant coloured, high shine human hair wigs that can completely transform your look in just a few minutes. This brand new wig look and feel won’t last forever though, so if you notice your wig has lost its lustre or the colour has started to fade or wash out, this is the perfect indication it’s time for an upgrade. With human hair wigs specifically, shine is a primary sign of good hair health. But if you notice you’re needing to use shine sprays or serums far more often than not to achieve a look you’re happy with, this is definitely a sign it’s time for a new wig.




If you find yourself a slave to your hairbrush, spending hours per week trying to smooth and detangle your human hair wig, this is a signal that your wig may have passed its use-by date. The freshness and convenience of a new human hair wig from Lace Fronts is truly going to be very timesaving for you. Older wigs can become excessively dry and frizzy, also the ends may begin to split to a point that is beyond repair. If the split ends can be addressed through hair treatments or a tiny trim, amazing! But if your split ends start to reach your mid lengths, it’s most likely beyond repair.




Arguably, one of the most important parts of your wig is its fit. It must fit snug to your head without being too loose or too tight around your scalp. With prolonged wear, wig caps have the ability to stretch out. This may mean you’ll find yourself adjusting your wig multiple times

throughout the day, or feeling insecure about it’s loose placement on your head. Here at Lace Fronts, we highly recommend upgrading when you notice this begins to happen to avoid any public mishaps while wearing your favourite wig.




At Lace Fronts, our human hair wigs are available in an array of gorgeous styles that cater to customers who love sleek, straight looks or bouncy curls. If you find one day that your curls have dropped dramatically or the style just isn’t holding throughout the day anymore – it’s time for a new wig. If your straight wig has started to form a wave or a constant frizz, this is also a clear indication it’s time for an upgrade.