Lace Wig Grip – Velcro


Introducing the Lace Fronts Australia clip & hook strap wig grip! The ideal solution for securely fastening your lace front wig without adhesive. With an adjustable straps to ensure a secure and personalized fit for every head size and, crafted from premium soft velvet, these wig grips offer comfort and breathability for your scalp.

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Lace Wig Grip – Velcro

Made from high-quality soft velvet and the ease of velcro for quick adjustments, our wig grips provide maximum comfort and breathability for your scalp.

Our exclusive Lace Fronts Australia wig grips are available in a single size, ensuring a universal fit.

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I've had so many compliments already!

I never expected to love this wig so much but holy s. It is so beautiful!!! You guys killed it once again. The colour is soo gorgeous and compliments me