Walker Tape – Ultra Hold Tape 3/4″ x 3yds


Walker Tape’s Ultra Hold stands out as the ultimate hair tape adhesive on the market, offering exceptional tackiness, remarkable flexibility, and extraordinary durability. Regarded as the strongest adhesive available, Ultra Hold has established itself as a trusted and highly sought-after option. It guarantees a rock-solid, long-term hold, making it the preferred choice among users.

With its unrivaled performance, Ultra Hold remains the go-to adhesive for maximum wear. Its track record of success continues to solidify its position as the leading option in the industry. Regardless of the environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and body oils, Ultra Hold boasts an impressive longevity, capable of lasting up to four weeks. This remarkable adhesive is suitable for use with all types of wigs, hairpieces, and hair systems, delivering outstanding results consistently.

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Walker Tape – Ultra Hold 3/4″ x 3yds

Walker Tape’s Ultra Hold Tape is the strongest and tackiest tape in the industry. It is built with a stretchy carrier, a dull finish, and skin-safe gentleness. It provides a comfortable, maximum wear (4+ weeks) hold for wearers.

Keep the product away from heat, humidity, and light. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark, dry, room-temperature controlled environment (60-80°F). Seal clamshells completely.

Here is a step-by-step guide for using the tape adhesive:

– Peel the tape from the roll and cut it to the desired length.
– Place the adhesive side of the tape toward the hair unit, ensuring not to touch the adhesive.
– Position the tape piece onto the desired area of the hair system.
– Repeat the process as needed to cover the entire perimeter of the hair system.
– When you are ready to apply the hair system to the scalp, peel off any remaining white liner pieces.
– The amount sprayed will determine the available adjustment time (more spray allows for a longer period to adjust the unit).
– Press the hair system firmly onto the scalp, being careful not to move it during the process.

With proper storage, our tapes have a shelf life of up to one year.

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