Super Bonding Lace Front Wig Glue & Walker Solvent


Designed for oily scalps, high humidity, and heavy perspiration. This wig glue is new and improved with features that include, extra moisture protection and higher melting point and will hold up to the most intense climates. It’s a copolymer based adhesive that comes in a 1.3oz squeeze bottle. This 3-5 week hold hair glue works great on all hair systems, wigs and hairpieces.






Introducing the perfect duo for securing your lace front wig in place: a strong wig glue and remover. If you desire a long-lasting hold of a week or more, this combination is ideal for you. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution while using the glue for the first time, as it is extremely strong. When removing your wig, be sure to dissolve the glue properly before attempting to pull off the unit. Avoid rubbing the lace when removing the glue, as it can lead to hair detachment and create bald patches.

When properly cared for, this wig glue and remover become invaluable additions to your wig maintenance routine. To ensure the longevity of your wig and keep it in top condition, it’s important to follow a regular wig care routine. This routine may include gentle washing, conditioning, and styling with suitable products designed specifically for wigs. Additionally, maintaining the integrity of the lace by avoiding excessive pulling or stretching is crucial for preserving its appearance.

Remember, the quality and durability of your wig greatly depend on how well you care for it. With the right tools and proper maintenance, you can enjoy a flawless and long-lasting wig-wearing experience.

This 1-3 week hold hair glue works great on all hair systems, wigs and hairpieces.

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