Summer is almost over—winter means it’s wig time!

Lacefronts summer is almost over winter means it's wig time

It’s finally here! Winter time, every fashionistas favourite season. In Australia we face pretty hot temperatures, year-round. While wearing our synthetic and Human Hair unit is not going to make you feel any hotter than as if you were out and about with your natural long hair down. I personally hate feeling hair on the back of my neck when I’m hot- natural hair, synthetic or Human Hair Don’t get me wrong, we still rock them daily, but winter just gives you that little bit of chill that makes wearing wigs even more fun. 

Winter means 2 things here at LFA- LENGTH AND LAYERS. Not only can you layer your clothes but you can layer your hair and rock long luxurious hair without feeling like you want to pop her up in a ponytail. Fashionista’s know winter is the time for fashion, it is the time for Lace Fronts Australia Wigs and it is time to express yourself!

The number one benefit of you wearing a human head unit in winter over summer is humidity. Especially in Australia, where humidity can be something you have to deal with when wearing any sort of hair. Wigs, Extensions, or hairpieces included. While our units are great all year round winter just gives you that little piece of mind.  

Our tips for conditioning this winter Is making sure to use our MUK range. As always, we recommend The Complete Kit as it will give you everything you need to clean, condition, and protect.  If you’re on more of a budget 

The Perfect trio 

 is amazing as you’re getting the benefits of shampoo and conditioning and as well as the protective leave in conditioning spray. You need to protect your investment, so make sure you check out our MUK RANGE to find a pack that is perfect for you.