How to buy a wig that looks good on you—PLUS all your wig terminology explained.

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This is a common concern for many wig wearers, as choosing the perfect wig can be a very multilayered process. When it comes to selecting the perfect wig—one that will make you look and feel gorgeous, you need to factor in who you are purchasing the wig from, the style, colour and so much more to ensure you’re making the right decision for you! See below for our expert guide on choosing the perfect wig.


Ultimately, your chosen wig is going to look best if it frames your face in a relaxed yet elegant way. If you want to highlight your most appealing facial features a wig with layers can really help in this department. Face framing layers cut into your wig will help to soften the appearance of sharp facial features such as noses and cheekbones. Opt for a wig with medium and long layers that fall past your cheekbones for a more contemporary yet face shaping result.

Try and find a wig with some level of height or volume at the crown—to help elongate your face shape and narrow you in at the sides. This is ideal for those with rounder face shapes. Those with elongated faces will need less height in their chosen wig. Softening the face is key for a flattering look—so opt for a layered or wavy style to break up the strong angles of your face.

Thicker hair is more suited to layers, as finer hair doesn’t have the depth to support as many layers. Lace Fronts Australia stocks a range of thick, luscious human hair wigs that are made from Brazilian virgin hair. These have been cut and styled in appealing and fashion forward ways and are ready to ship.


There are countless stunning hair influencers that can be found on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube—who experiment with all the latest looks and styles. If you are wanting to see an array of hair colours and textures experimented with prior to committing to your purchase—following influencers who do this for a living will be very beneficial. These empowering and confident people are a great resource for discovering what kinds of wigs and wig hair products are trending. There are many influencers who are very open about their hair loss journeys online too. If you have battled with hair loss this may provide you with some extremely helpful tips and tricks. In saying that, not all wig wearers experience hair loss or have the same journey—so be sure to follow influencers who are travelling similar hair journeys to you, and those who have a style in which you resonate with.


@lacefrontsaustralia—this is the official Lace Fronts Australia instagram account, that shares natural, staged and behind the scene shots of our fantastic range of wigs. Video announcements of new wigs are regularly posted on this account to keep all our valued followers in the loop. Here you can get the most authentic wig content with accurate, unfiltered photos and videos of stock.

@thegoodhairday—otherwise known as Braids by Brianna. This account provides daily hair inspo and features an array of gorgeous wigs in varying colours, styles and textures.

@itsjustfatimah—this account is owned and operated by Fatimah who is a widely recognised wig enthusiast and makeup artist. This page features an array of vibrant coloured wigs and makeup that will get your creative juices flowing.

@alopecia_fashionista—Natalie ‘The Wig Diva’ has championed the hashtag “#mytiaramovement”. She wears beautiful wigs and consistently preaches positivity and foregrounds the confident person she is. Natalie loves to promote fitness, self care and provides many handy tips and tricks related to wig wearing. This account is inclusive and uplifting.


The best way to get an immediate gauge on whether or not you are happy with your chosen style or colour, is to visit a wig or beauty supply store and try on a bunch of options until you find the one. Lace Fronts Australia has a store located in Parkwood on the Gold Coast and welcomes anyone who is interested in finding their perfect style. If you visit an actual wig store you have the ability to try on anything from natural style wigs to neon anime style wigs. Take a friend along for some constructive criticism or consult with staff who can give you some expert advice. While you’re experimenting with styles—you can learn all about the technical side of wigs and even discuss take home care instructions with staff. Some wigs mimic more relaxed hair, whereas others are more silky. If a store is accessible to you, visiting to try on and feel your wig of choice is the ultimate way to ensure you’re making the right decision.


  • For the most natural-looking wig, choose one made from human hair over a synthetic option as this will nearly always look more natural.
  • Try a custom made or made-to-order wig from Lace Fronts Australia to achieve your ultimate look.
  • A lace front or full lace wig are always far more natural looking due to the high-quality construction and smart technology.
  • Choose a wig that has a hand-tied monofilament cap. This will give you the most luscious natural look available.
  • If possible go into a store and have your wig fitted.
  • Buy your wig from trusted suppliers to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve.
  • Buy your wig pre-styled, cut and coloured to ensure a professional has created your look.


Once you’ve found the wig brand you like—be sure to read customer reviews and look over their website. Reading reviews can be very helpful in your decision making process. Paying attention to comments regarding the overall quality of the hair, and the customer service—are going to be important factors to help in your decision making process. Never be afraid to reach out directly to the company you are investigating if you have any questions or need more information on a particular product. Lace Fronts Australia encourages all potential and existing customers to contact them if they need any additional information. It’s important to Lace Fronts Australia that all their valued customers remain informed.


Any reputable wig brand will have an active social media with product shots. Social media accounts can provide detailed insight into the company and how it’s run. Read comments, watch product videos and look at a bunch of their photos to help you make the right decision.


Firstly, you need to start by understanding what wig you’re looking for by grasping the terminology in the world of wigs and hair pieces. If you’re new to the wig game there may be multiple terms which you haven’t heard of before and we are here to deconstruct those for you. This will ensure you are comfortable and well equipped when shopping for your new wig.


A denier is a unit of measurement that determines the thickness of a single strand of hair. The higher the denier of the hair, the thicker and heavier the           hair will be.


Density refers to how closely the strands of hair are sewn together. It also describes the quantity of strands in a single wig. Be sure you don’t confuse             density with denier.


Are a feature of a wig that lays in front of the ear and rests near the temple. Ear tabs are used to adjust the placement of your wig and can help you               ensure a secure fit. Lace Fronts ear tabs can give you up to half and inch of movement to ensure a more natural look. Ear tabs should always remain               tucked into your wig and out of sight.


In simple terms, a fringe is the area of hair that hangs over the forehead. From straight-across to side-swept, a frings is something most of us are familiar       with. Fringes are otherwise known as bangs.


The full lace wig is a popular kind of lace wig. It is constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head—then 100% human hair is knotted into this by       hand. You have extreme styling freedom with a full lace wig as you can create a natural looking part virtually anywhere.


This is a process in which each hair is individually hand-tied to the cap to create the most natural movement. This allows the hair to move freely, and you       get the added bonus of styling versatility which allows you to comb the hair in any direction. It has the softest and smoothest base which contours to the       scalp—giving a near-custom fit which is ideal for sensitive scalps or hair loss.


A lace front is a thin, nearly invisible lace material to which hairs are tied in one by one. This is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or         synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. The result is a very natural-looking hairline. This wig creates the illusion that       the wig hairs grow from your own scalp. Lace front wigs are durable, natural looking and very easy to put on and take off.


A monofilament is a fine mesh fabric that is incorporated into a wig caps construction. The transparency of the mesh allows the colour of your own scalp       to show through the fibers tied to the top of the wig. This feature is the main reason why high quality wigs can look so natural.


The area of the wig that rests on the back of your neck or ‘the nape of the neck’.


This is a type of cap construction sometimes referred to as a capless wig or a basic cap construction. In an open cap, the wefts of hair are sewn into the         piece so that there is space in between them, creating a lesser density wig.


A permatease is a layer of densely compact hair that possesses a teased look. A permatease will add body and volume to a wig that has a basic cap. It           can also conceal the wefts of basic cap wigs.


Piecey is a term that describes the way in which the hair strands are styled. Specifically, this is when the fibers are grouped together and then slightly             separated to create a textured or tousled effect.


This is the ‘rubbery strip’ on your wig that allows the base to be bonded (adhered) to the scalp for a long period of time. This is made from a                           thermoplastic polymer used as a base material in hair systems and wigs. The polyurethane strip is often fully or partially used throughout the base.


This term describes the way in which the human hair was collected for a wig. If a wig is designated a ‘Remy’ wig—this means 100% of the human hair in         the wig was collected in a way that preserves all the cuticles of the hair fibre to ensure they are all facing in the same direction. A ‘Remy’ wig is the                 highest quality human hair wig available. When the fibres are all facing the same direction, they create a soft and luxurious feel—which makes them far         less likely to tangle too.


Shorter hairs tied throughout a wig to represent the natural look of flyaways or to lessen the density of the underside of a wig. This is not breakage; or           damaged hair—this is simply a tactic used by wig manufacturers to make the wig appear more natural.


Not dissimilar to paint swatches, a wig swatch allows you to sample the colour of your wig. This can be provided in the form of a hard copy or a digital           image. A swatch provides an accurate colour sample of your chosen wig to help you in your decision making process.


A single curtain of hair that if multiple are sewn together, this can be used to quickly construct a wig at a lower cost than a 100% hand-tied piece. The           easiest way to visualise a weft is to consider extensions. In a normal extension kit, you receive multiple wefts. Sewing these small curtains together can           make wigs more affordable than their hand-tied counterpart.