How to Care For Your Synthetic Wig

Summer is in full swing all around AustraliaYou are probably gathering with your squad getting ready to hit up some festivals for those killer summer vibes. Whether you are heading to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne for the tunes make sure you pack well and plan your perfect outfits. There is no better place than your hair to start. Maybe you want to switch it up this year and will be going for a bright eccentric look that only a Lace Fronts wig can give you. Yep that’s the one. Alright you are going to be putting your silky lace front wig to good use. But now you better make sure to look after it properly so that you can use it throughout the summer, don’t let it be a one hit wonder. Here is your guide to keeping good care of your Lace Fronts wig. 


These are some basics to keep in mind when wearing and styling. In most cases, a synthetic wig is designed with a basic style in mind. This means minimal upkeep is required. However, you may wish to add slight variations on your own. Synthetic wigs can be styled with your fingers or with a wig brush and comb. When you clean and wash your wig make sure to let it air dry to avoid excess heat. 

Heat tools, curling irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers can also be used to style a synthetic wig. Although a synthetic wig will hold up to the heat of these appliances, we recommend only using heat when you have to. This will help keep the wig fresh and beautiful for a long time to come. 

To return a wig to its original basic style, wash it with a gentle shampoo before allowing it to air dry. You can blot your wig dry with a soft towel, but vigorous scrubbing should be avoided.

Other than this just be careful with your wig, treat it like your own hair. Don’t unnecessarily pull or rub it. Although Lace Front wigs are designed to stay strong, if you are overly aggressive with them, they will break. 

The most important thing is to just be careful and protective of your synthetic hair. Treat it like your own hair and it will last well in to the future. 


To help your synthetic wig hold its styleshape and structure you should ideally store it on a wig stand. Also keep your wig in a cupboard or somewhere else away from direct sunlight. Long exposure to sunlight may lead your wig to fade in colour prematurely. 

As synthetic wigs lake the normal oils that natural hair produces it is a great idea to use some synthetic hair wig spray to keep the wig from tangling or becoming too frizzy. This is a great idea when storing your wig to make sure it does not dry out too much. You can even make this type of spray yourself. There are video tutorials online that explain this process. 

Due to how they are made wigs can also be great dust catchers. To make sure your wig is clean store it out of the open and somewhere that is kept clean. Don’t just chuck it into an old cupboard or storage area!! 


If you follow these basic steps, stay updated with us online and use some common sense you should have no worries maintaining your Lace Fronts wig. If you are on the look out for a new style or simply need some more colour in your life make sure to check out our full range of Lace Fronts wigs. We have something for everyone.