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March 31, 2021 3 min read

Many valued Lace Fronts customers have enquired about wearing their new Lace Fronts wig to the gym—so we’ve decided to give you some industry insight on the best techniques to employ that will keep your favourite Lace Fronts wig in place and looking natural during your favourite workout.

The short answer is—Yes! You absolutely can workout in both a synthetic and human hair Lace Fronts wig. However, there are some elements you must be mindful of to ensure you’re not left feeling overheated or uncomfortable during your workout.

Firstly, consider the nature of your workout.

When doing any form of exercise, it’s important you feel comfortable and safe in knowing your wig is as secure as it can be prior to commencing your workout of choice. For less wig friendly workouts like yoga where you can spend time in downward dog, we recommend using wig tape and/or wig clips to secure your wig when working out. Using accessories such as these will ensure your wig has that added protection which will give you the confidence to run harder on the treadmill or push yourself to your limit in your high intensity fitness class. If your sport requires a helmet or a hat, consider a wig that is well ventilated to save you from the uncomfortable side effects of overheating.

What is the ideal wig to workout in?

Gone are the days where you must wear a synthetic wig to your work out because lace front wigs are too expensive and reserved for “special occasions”. Lace Fronts has a range of affordable human hair wigs that are suitable to wear to the gym. Our recommendation would be to opt for a shorter style Lace Fronts human hair wig to wear to your workouts as they are more manageable. Shorter wigs won’t touch your body as much, which means they won’t get as sweaty. If you aren’t fond of short wigs, you can still wear your long Lace Fronts wig, but just ensure you have it styled appropriately.

How do I style my long Lace Fronts wig for the gym?

Doing a loose braid, which is then styled as an up-do, will keep your hair in place and off of your face and neck for comfortability. A ponytail for your long Lace Fronts wig would also suffice in keeping your wig hair away from your face and body.

Wear a headband.

Strategically placing a sports headband or simple scarf around the front of the wig cap can help to keep any of the wig cap from showing around the edges of the wig while working out. This will also assist in keeping your wig more secure on your head. This will give you more confidence, particularly if it’s your first time wearing your wig to the gym.

Use an older wig, if possible.

If you’re an everyday wig wearer, it’s likely you have more than one wig which you wear on rotation. We recommend using one of your older wigs at the gym, as regular exposure to sweat and friction means more washing which does have the ability to shorten the life of your wig.

Care and cleaning.

Understandably, the lining of your wig will absorb perspiration while you’re working out. This tends to require more frequent washing. We don’t recommend neglecting your wig by not washing it, but you can also extend the timeframe between washes by occasionally using dry shampoo on your human hair wig. See our Tips and Care blog for more detailed information on how to wash and detangle your wig correctly.

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