How to care for long wigs.

Lacefronts. How to care for long wigs

Long hair or extra-long style wigs are some of the most popular in the Lace Fronts range. If you have recently purchased your gorgeous Lace Fronts long or extra-long wig, here are some care and maintenance tips for you to follow to ensure your wig stays looking fresher, fuller and more natural for longer.


Naturally, over time the appearance of both human hair and synthetic hair wigs can diminish, especially if you’re an everyday wig wearer. If you reach for your wig every morning be sure to purchase multiple wigs which you can wear on rotation, so you have adequate time available to provide proper care for your wig when it’s not being worn. This will assist in prolonging the life of all your wigs and will save you money long term.


It’s important to note that you must wash your wig—that goes for both human hair and synthetic wigs, however, you should ensure you aren’t washing the same wig everyday as this can dry out your wig and cause damage to the locks. If you have multiple wigs, this makes it far easier to wait a few days between washes. If you have a solo wig, ensure you are also waiting a few days between washes to prolong its shine and vitality.


Always opt for wig friendly shampoo and conditioner as the generic kind is filled with harsh chemicals that can damage your wig. Unlike your bio hair, your wig strands won’t repair themselves overtime—so always be mindful of this.


Use a brush or wide toothed comb with flexible bristles to detangle your long wig effectively. Always ensure you start from the bottom of your long-haired wig and work your way up. Carefully detangle any knots and comb away from the wig in a gentle sweeping motion rather than straight down as this can cause matting.

Tip: Ensure you never comb your wig while it’s wet, always wait until your wig is completely dry after washing before you try to detangle it.


Return your wig to its netting and bag after gently combing it through; or place your wig on your wig stand. Loosely braid your long wig to prevent tangling while stored.


Long hair styling may seem overwhelming if you’ve just purchased your first wig. Here we have outlined some simple yet stunning styles you can try if you’re wanting a bit more style variety when it comes to wearing your long hair wig.

Ponytails: high or low ponytails are extremely easy to do and can work for casual or more glamorous settings. For a more natural look we recommend keeping a few hairs around the front of your face to soften the look. Complete your perfect ponytail with wig hairspray.

Heatless curls: Some of our popular Lace Fronts long haired wigs already come pre-styled which means you will have the perfect curl every day. However, if you have chosen a Lace Fronts straight long-haired wig, try some heatless curls using bendy rollers, plaits or a doughnut bun.

A bun: Low or high buns are very versatile, as they can be worn in both casual and formal settings and are ideal for outdoor events where wind may make some styles unmanageable. You can create your bun yourself or for a simpler technique use a hair doughnut, an elastic band and your hairbrush of course.

Half up/half down: This style is perfect for casual or smart casual settings and looks gorgeous on long hair Lace Fronts wig wearers. Ensure your wig has been detangled prior to attempting this style. Place one finger at either side of your eyebrows and bring your hands up through the hair and towards the crown to create a half ponytail. Secure the half up ponytail with an elastic; or even turn your ponytail into a bun. Then leave the bottom half straight or style it with some heatless curls.