Common myths about wearing wigs—DEBUNKED!

Lacefronts wig myths debunked

Whether you are a daily wig wearer or like to sport your favourite lace front wig on special occasions only—there are many common myths out there that may deter you from committing to your first purchase. Wigs at times can get a bad reputation because of mixed reviews from less than reliable sources. But the wig industry has undergone revolutionary changes over recent years, which has made wig wearing more comfortable and natural looking than ever. Regardless of if you are suffering from hair loss conditions such as alopecia, are recovering from chemotherapy treatment or just desire to change up your usual style—the world of wigs can feel complex and confronting.

Here at Lace Fronts Australia we pride ourselves on keeping our valued customers up to date on the latest wig developments and aim to debunk common myths about wig wearing to make your transition to wig wearing as comfortable and seamless as possible. There are many suppliers, styles, and types of wigs out there—be it full lace, lace front, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs which can make it difficult to pinpoint which one will work best for your specific circumstances. If you have heard bad reviews or watched recounts of wig horror stories on social media, we are here to debunk some of the most common myths associated with wig wearing to keep you feeling secure and excited to purchase your new wig.


A common fear for wig wearers (especially first timers) is that your wig will blow off in the wind or get caught in a tree branch as you wander by. This is simply NOT the case for Lace Fronts Australia wig customers! With modern advances in wig construction, if you wear a wig properly, it is highly unlikely to randomly fall off. Lace Fronts Australia wigs are market leading wigs that are constructed to the highest regard—so you can definitely put that irrational fear behind you. You are able to tighten or loosen your chosen wig using the adjustable straps for an even more secure fit. The human hair wigs and synthetic wigs at Lace Fronts Australia have smooth velvet tabs at the nape of the neck which help secure the wig comfortably to your hair. Lace Fronts Australia have many ‘ready to ship’ human hair wigs, custom wigs and also a ‘made to order’ option for those who want the most perfect fit available.

If you secure your high-quality Lace Fronts Australia wig to your head as instructed you can feel confident to go about your day without the chance of your wig falling off. Wearing a wig cap, using adhesives such as glue and tape can also help you in feeling more comfortable wearing your chosen wig. You will have the freedom to do everything you want and more in your Lace Fronts Australia wig, even working out!


Some believe that wigs are bulky and heavy and as a result, carrying this extra weight around all day means your scalp will become irritated and uncomfortable. A common worry for first time wig wearers is that the fibres in the wig construction will irritate the scalp too and result in itching and flaking. This is not the case with Lace Fronts Australia wigs as they are constructed with leading technology that includes all breathable materials and linings which possess cooling properties that allow for all day long comfort. This isn’t to say some of the cheap and nasty wigs out there won’t irritate your scalp, as this comfortability factor is determined by the level of high-quality materials incorporated into the design and the advanced manufacturing. Lace Fronts Australia wigs are delicately constructed from lightweight materials and hair strands which will provide you that long lasting natural look that is easy-to-manage too.


Wigs will only give you a headache if they are too tight. Lace Fronts Australia wigs are completely adjustable which means you can make your wig feel—just right—which will stop any unnecessary pressure from causing you head pain. Before purchasing your wig, it’s important that you measure your head properly and choose the right wig size for you.


This is not the case—it is completely acceptable to wear a wig everyday as long as you give your scalp the care that it needs. This means practicing good hygiene with your hair and scalp; while also giving your head time to breath while you sleep. If you are an everyday wig wearer, keep two or three wigs in your collection that you can rotate out on different days. By switching out your wigs, you can reduce the general wear and tear on your favourite wigs and improve their lifespans. You will also need to wash your wigs less often when you have a larger collection which also aids in keeping them more beautiful for longer.


False! Your hair and skin cells will continue to grow and replenish regardless of whether or not you cover them. Wigs can actually promote growth by protecting your natural hair from excessive thermal styling. Wigs will also protect your hair from all forms of artificial pollutants that may hinder the growth of your natural hair. It’s important for you to understand that the hair cells that promote hair growth—will continue to function under your wig. This is why many people recovering from chemotherapy treatment wear wigs while they wait for their hair to grow back.


This is actually the complete opposite! Wigs are everywhere in Hollywood and are used by the most fashion forward people on a daily basis. Lace Fronts Australia wigs can completely elevate your look and will allow you to mix up your style without spending hours in a salon chair. You will find wigs available in every imaginable style, colour and cut—so you will never be stylistically restricted when wearing a wig. The lace front style wig allows you to make the perfect part and gives you complete styling freedom—so you can be looking gorgeous and natural everyday. High-quality wigs are made from human hair, this makes it extremely difficult for anyone to even know you’re wearing a wig in the first place.


Premium quality wigs are more costly as they are of better quality and provide a more appealing natural look. Fully customised wigs can come with a higher price tag too, however, when you factor in how much it costs to get your hair ‘cut and styled’ just once at a salon—this makes the cost of a wig seem extremely reasonable. When you wear wigs—you no longer need to pay exuberant amounts to have your hair done for an event! Getting regular cuts and colours can cost a fortune, not to mention hair washes and blow waves.


High-quality constructed human hair Lace Fronts Australia wigs are very incognito. Many valued Lace Fronts Australia customers are pleased to tell you that they are never questioned about whether or not their hair is real because of the high quality construction. The technology used to make wigs today is so advanced that it has become virtually impossible to differentiate a wig from natural hair. Gone are the days of those shiny, sparse wigs found on shop shelves. High-quality Lace Fronts Australia wigs make it appear like your natural hair is actually growing out of your scalp, it’s amazing how far wig creators have come.


Each type of wig fibre has its own unique benefits. It is pretty widely accepted that both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their own set of advantages.


     Most synthetic wigs are made with high-quality technology to ensure that the fibres hold up and remain looking refined over time. Synthetic wigs are           also pre-styled and don’t require as much work as human hair wigs to achieve your desired look. Synthetic wigs are available in every colour imaginable         and will never lose the vivacity of the shade. With the sudden influx in popularity for synthetic wigs, this has inspired a vast improvement in the quality of       the fibre used to create synthetic wigs. So much so that good quality synthetic hair feels and flows as if it were the real thing.


     Human hair wigs are made out of real human hair so they look and feel amazingly natural—but they also have to be re-styled after washing just as real         hair does. Human hair wigs can be maintained in the same manner as natural hair. Washing, styling, brushing and drying these wigs involve the same             process and the same products as natural hair, which is simple and comes with great visual results. Just like your own hair, over time—and with                       continued  styling, human hair wigs tend to become dry and brittle. This time frame is considerably shorter for the cheaper human hair wig options. It’s         best that if you are committing to a human hair wig—you ensure you are making a quality purchase from an expert supplier such as Lace Fronts                     Australia.
    There are many pros to both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, it just depends on what you’re looking for and what type of styling and colour      goals you have. Browse the broad selection of synthetic and human hair wigs at Lace Fronts Australia to ensure you’re buying from a quality            supplier.


Incorrect! Caring for your wig is on par with caring for natural hair—and more often than not, wigs are actually far more simple to style than natural hair. Wig maintenance is quite straightforward and if followed properly your favourite wig will remain vibrant and healthy looking for longer. High-quality human hair wigs are already quite stunning prior to being styled which will actually give you a head start in this styling process. Keep practicing your styling tips and watch online tutorials to master your favourite looks—after all not everyone is going to be an immediate styling expert. Give yourself time to learn the ropes and remain patient and committed for optimal results.


This is not the case—as Lace Fronts Australia human hair wigs are designed to be versatile. They are designed and constructed in a way that allows you to flex your creativity. Your favourite lace front wig can be styled in an infinite number of ways. A lace front wig can even be pulled back off of your head into a ponytail because the hairline is so natural looking. If you want varying colours and styles, start a wig collection to give you the ultimate wig wardrobe.


Lace Fronts Australia offer customers an advanced type of cap construction—this allows for wefting which will welcome airflow and help keep you cooler for longer while wearing your wig. This type of ventilation creates breathability within the cap. Wearing a wig cap can also help to prevent any oil build up from occurring on the inside of your wig itself, helping to keep it fresher and cooler throughout the day. If you are very sensitive to heat, keeping your wig off your neck is key when it comes to preventing your head from overheating on the hottest of days. Opting for an up-do if you have a longer length wig, can also help significantly in reducing the heat surrounding your head and body. However, if your main aim is to reduce sweating as much as possible, plaits and braids are an effective style to try for events such as festivals or day parties.


Wigs are actually very simple and straightforward to put on. When putting your wig on for the first time, you may have to make some minor adjustments, but once you have successfully done this, you should be able to easily slip your wig on and off for each wear. There are thousands of tutorials and tips and tricks available online if you get stuck too. The more you practice putting your wig on and taking it off the more seasoned you will become. Eventually it will feel as simple as putting on a shower cap.