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March 31, 2021 3 min read

Lace Fronts human hair wigs offer customers a fantastic way to completely overhaul their look without needing to change their natural locks. If you are a Lace Fronts wig wearer who does have natural hair you want to keep concealed under your wig, here are some safe and effective ways to do this to avoid causing damage to your natural hair.

Wear a wig liner or cap.

Wearing a wig liner or cap under your wig helps your human hair wig to sit more naturally as it reduces any bulkiness caused by your natural hair. Lace Fronts wig caps are an affordable, high-quality design available in black or beige that are ideal for helping you keep your natural hair as concealed as possible. These caps will also help keep your natural hair healthy and frizz free!

Moisturise your hair.

Prior to putting on your wig, be sure to give your hair a generous amount of moisture. This can be achieved by utilising high-quality moisturising hair care and leave-in conditioners. You want to ensure your hair is moisturised but not wet or damp. If you have worn your wig all day and your natural hair feels dry, moisturise again in the evening and ensure you don’t sleep in your wig—so your scalp has time to breathe.

Dry your hair thoroughly.

Never put a wig on wet hair as this can cause mould and bacteria growth on your wig. Always ensure your natural hair and wig are both completely dry prior to putting on your favourite Lace Fronts long hair wig.

Try braids or twists.

To keep your hair flat under your wig, try braiding or twisting it to flatten it as much as possible to avoid any noticeable bumps under your wig.

U-shaped hair pins.

U-shaped hair pins provide a different style of hold than your regular bobby pins. When inserted into your hair correctly they provide a stronger and more robust hold than bobby pins. For holding shorter hair in place use 20-30 U-shaped hair pins and 30-50+ U-shaped hair pins for longer hair.

The best hairstyles for hiding my natural hair under my wig.

Bun: generally, the best place to hide your hair under your wig is at the nape of the neck, which is why most wigs have some extra room/stretch in this area to accommodate this. If your natural hair is long enough to do so, put it in a bun at the nape of your neck, put on your wig cap and your wig will fit seamlessly on your head without any protruding bumps.

Plaits: are one of the most popular hairstyles to use which is highly effective in hiding your natural hair under your wig. Although plaits aren’t as flat as other hairstyles, they do the trick, and will keep your natural hair protected and healthy. Try to keep your plaits as small as possible—this will minimise lumps and bump under your wig.

Cornrows: this hairstyle is particularly good for those with extra thick hair, as cornrows allow for a flatter surface than regular braids. Cornrows are ideal for short to medium lengths, although they can also work for longer hair too.

Twists: this style is popular because it’s easy to do and not as time consuming as some of the other styles. However, twists have the ability to make your natural hair tangle or frizz. If you make your twists as small as possible you are less likely to have protruding bumps under your wig

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