Our top 5 best human hair wigs

Lacefronts. Our top 5 human hair wigs

Here at Lace Fronts we understand how vital it is that you purchase a human hair wig that best suits your individual aesthetic and practicality needs. This is why we have outlined our top 5 best human hair wigs in varying colours and lengths that are extremely luscious and healthy looking for our valued human hair wig enthusiasts—we appreciate you! Our best human hair wigs can all be worn with or without glue and styled however our customers please. They are made from the best available human hair and manufactured to the highest degree; therefore, any form of heat styling is completely fine!


Flexin Human Hair Wig


1.​ ​FLEXIN’


The FLEXIN’ is one of Lace Fronts best human hair wigs with 14″ of Brazilian virgin hair and an impressive wavy texture. This natural brown iconic style has streaks of light brown that gives added texture and depth to this popular wig. With an impressive 150% hair density, the FLEXIN’ is one of Lace Fronts best human hair wigs. Its skilfully crafted shape means it not only looks beautiful but also sits very securely and naturally on your head for extended periods of time. This popular wig works for all face shapes and has a subtle style that makes a huge impact.

Watch the FLEXIN’ video here


Stace Human hair wig


2.​ ​STACE


The STACE is made from 24″ of beautifully thick and smooth in texture Brazilian virgin hair. With a 150% hair density, this is one of Lace Fronts best human hair wigs, which has a stunning colour combination—a natural brown that flows into a dark blonde ombre. This long length wig is certain to be the envy of onlookers with its vibrant yet natural colour and a hair texture that is straight with a slight wave. This is one of our best human hair wigs that can cater to those wanting to achieve a super classy, fun or sexy look—it’s very versatile!

Watch the STACE video here


kali human hair wig


3.​ ​KALI


The KALI is a full lace wig that creates a fun and alluring look for a broad range of people with all face shapes and differing style goals. This brown to blonde ombre human hair wig with two blonde streaks to frame the face is a Lace Fronts customer favourite. The KALI has a practical 12″ of Brazilian virgin hair, with a 150% hair density—and a beautiful slight wave that will take your look to the next level. Generally, this particular look is quite high maintenance and costly to achieve with your natural hair in a salon. With the KALI you can achieve this timely and expensive look without having to deal with the damage and inflated price tag.



koko human hair wig


4.​ ​KOKO


The KOKO is one of our popular sleek and silky straight human hair wigs, with a dark chocolate brown colour that has proven to create striking and memorable looks for our valued Lace Fronts customers. This is a full lace front wig that sits naturally and secure on your head all day, with a 150% hair density. The KOKO is 14″ of Brazilian virgin hair and can help you achieve a multitude of gorgeous looks from fun/edgy to classic or formal. The KOKO is perfect for people of all ages as it promotes youthfulness and classic beauty at the same time.

Watch the KOKO video here


no angel human hair wig




The NO ANGEL human hair wig is an enticing blonde colour with ashy blonde streaks strategically incorporated to successfully frame the face of our valued Lace Fronts customers. This is a magnificent 18″ of Brazilian virgin hair, with a 150% hair density and a straight style that has a slight wave for added volume. When trying to achieve this look without using a wig, it can come with a hefty price tag due to the need for regular salon visits and upkeep costs. This is why the NO ANGEL is one of our most popular human hair wigs as it allows people to achieve their desired look without the extreme costs and hair sacrifice!


Watch the NO ANGEL video here