Ready to Ship – 12″ ‘Aria’ Lace Front Wig

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Stephen Nicholls
Stephen Nicholls
Five stars! The team at Lace Fronts Australia Gold Coast is absolutely incredible! Kind, considerate, and incredibly knowledgeable, they made a potentially stressful situation incredibly positive. Catlin especially went above and beyond. She patiently helped my wife find the perfect wigs, explaining everything about putting them on, removing them, and caring for them. They even offered real hair wigs with styling and colouring to match my wife's natural hair! We left feeling so empowered. My wife absolutely loves her new wigs, and it's all thanks to Catlin's talent and the wonderful owner, Sam. If you're looking for an amazing experience, look no further than Lace Fronts Australia!
Rachael D
Rachael D
Thankyou even as a synthetic it looks good. In my budget as well
Katrina Cairns
Katrina Cairns
The girls at LaceFronts are absolutely amazing ! My daughter required a wig after a medical diagnosis & the girls helped her select a human hair wig , had it colored and styled and it’s so beautiful. We made another appointment to get help with trimming around the ear and how to fit it properly & my daughter loves how natural and real it looks , It has given Ella her identity back 🥰.. we will be back for another style and would highly recommend Sam & Caitlin to everyone . Thank you so much for your amazing service and products ❤️
Cooper Leyendeckers
Cooper Leyendeckers
I purchased a human hair wig from Lace Fronts Australia & I absolutely love it. The service from Sam & her team was outstanding 10/10. I will definitely be purchasing more human hair wigs. I have had so many compliments on my wig on how great it looks 😊 Michelle
Trudie Ferguson
Trudie Ferguson
This company is GAME CHANGING when it comes to human hair wigs! I’ve been to many wig shops around Queensland hunting for a realistic wig for my daughter with alopecia and have always come home empty handed. From the moment Sam welcomed us in to the shop we knew we had finally found someone who gets it. They quickly customised a wig to her size, length and colour and my daughter has gained so much confidence and can finally participate in her beloved sports without concern of it coming off or showing anything, not to mention the compliments she gets!! It truly looks realistic and I’m very tempted to get one myself. Thanks again Sam and Team, you’ve given my little girl confidence that I never thought I’d see again.🩵
One of the best customer service experiences i’v had in a long time. If you’re struggling with hair loss I promise that you’ve come to the right place. Sam really looks after you and makes your feel like yourself again. The wigs are amazing. Such a welcoming place

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In store and ready to ship. Love the look of our bespoke hand crafted wigs but don’t want to wait. Take advantage of our ready to wear collection. Shipped out within 24 hrs Monday to Friday.


CAP TYPE- Lace Front Wig, no ear tabs, lace cut

LENGTH-12′ with wispy fringe, lots of overall layering

HAIR- Brazilian Virgin Hair


 Feel Like Yourself Again, Fast. With Our New ‘Ready to Wear’ Collection & Same Day Shipping

Join our community of wig wearers leaving reviews such as, “This company is GAME CHANGING when it comes to human hair wigs!” with Lace Fronts Australia’s newest collection of ‘Ready to Wear‘ wigs. You can receive your unit ready to wear with the lace cut, sent out the same day via free express shipping with signature and tracking.

Skip the queue and enjoy the same flawless Handcrafted wigs we create. As we continue to grow we aim to keep more and more pieces in stock and ready to ship. Did you know we create all of our units in-store on the Gold Coast, QLD?

Premium Human Hair

100% Human Hair: Our wigs are created using 100% Brazilian Virgin human hair, sourced from single donors, ensuring they look and feel just like your own hair. Because we use high-quality Remy hair, our wigs guarantee a realistic appearance that seamlessly blends with your natural hairline. The aligned hair cuticles reduce tangling and enhance smoothness and shine.

Perfect for Everyday Wear: Built to withstand daily wear, these wigs are durable and long-lasting. Over time, they maintain their beauty and integrity. Even with frequent use, our wigs retain their luster and vibrancy, ensuring you look your best every day.

Easy to Style and Care For: Whether you prefer straight, wavy, or curly hair, our wigs match your preference effortlessly. Their versatility allows you to change your look with ease. Caring for these wigs is as simple as caring for your natural hair. You can wash, condition, and style them using standard hair care products and tools.

Innovative Lace Front Technology

Undetectable HD Lace: The HD lace features a flawless, natural hairline that blends seamlessly with your scalp. This undetectable lace gives a natural appearance, boosting your confidence to wear your wig without fear of it being noticed.

Versatile Styling: Our wigs can be styled with heat tools, allowing you to curl, straighten, or blow-dry them just like your natural hair. The lace front lets you pull the hair back off the face or tie it back without revealing the lace, ensuring a natural look from all angles.

Lightweight and Breathable: Designed for maximum comfort, the lace is lightweight and breathable. You can wear it for extended periods without worrying about overheating or discomfort, even on warm days.

Stylish and Versatile Design

Natural Appearance: The soft lace and hair mimic natural hair growth from the scalp, providing a convincing and attractive appearance. This realistic design offers a wide range of styling options, ensuring you can achieve any look you desire.

In-Store Coloring and Styling: Each wig is uniquely colored and styled by our expert hairdressers on the Gold Coast, Australia. This personalized approach ensures that your wig matches your style and preference perfectly. Our professional finish enhances the overall appearance and quality of the wig.

The Experience

Part Your Hair Anywhere: Enjoy the freedom to part your wig wherever you like, just as you would with your natural hair. This feature adds to the natural look and feel of the wig.

Extremely Natural Hairlines: Our wigs offer hairlines so natural, even you will forget you’re wearing one. The invisible hairlines make the wig indistinguishable from your real hair, giving you the confidence to wear it in any situation.

Easy to Put On and Go: Designed for easy application, the wig allows you to slip it on and head out the door looking fabulous in minutes.

Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair: Experience the confidence of hair that feels as natural as it looks. You can touch and style it without fear of revealing that it’s a wig.

No Worries About Regrowth, Matting, or Tangling: Our wigs are designed to remain perfect, eliminating concerns about regrowth, matting, or tangling. This ensures a consistently beautiful look with minimal effort.

Why Choose Lace Fronts Australia?

When it comes to wigs, don’t settle for less. Our lace front wigs offer a priceless feeling of confidence, ensuring you look and feel your best every day. Watch a message from our Founder.

Embrace the effortless beauty and unparalleled quality of Lace Fronts Australia’s ‘Ready to Wear’ collection. Feel like yourself again, and never worry about your hair—because with us, you deserve nothing but the best.

Get all the best tips and advice for your new hair journey from our blog and tutorials.

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It’s way more than hair

I've had so many compliments already!

I never expected to love this wig so much but holy s. It is so beautiful!!! You guys killed it once again. The colour is soo gorgeous and compliments me