Hot MUK Thermal Protector


Elevate your wig care routine with the MUK Thermal Protector. Experience the transformative power of this weightless spray as it protects, enhances, and maintains the beauty of your wig. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your wig is well-protected and always looking its best.





Introducing the incredible MUK Thermal Protector, a must-have for wig care thermal protection. This 250ml weightless thermal protector spray is specifically designed to shield your wig from the heat generated by thermal styling tools. With its advanced heat protection technology, your wig will remain safeguarded even during intense styling sessions.

Not only does the MUK Thermal Protector provide exceptional thermal protection, but it also offers additional benefits for your wig. Enjoy the perfect combination of heat protection, sleek volume, and a non-greasy finish. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair as this spray adds volume and ensures a smooth and polished look.

To preserve the color and integrity of your wig, the MUK Thermal Protector incorporates UV protectors. These protectors effectively combat color fade and shield against sun damage, leaving your wig vibrant and fresh. In addition, they play a crucial role in locking out frizz, ensuring that your wig remains sleek and manageable.

No matter the hair texture of your wig, whether it’s fine, medium, or coarse, the MUK Thermal Protector is suitable for all. It provides thermal protection, UV protection, humidity protection to combat frizz-inducing moisture, smoothing properties for a polished appearance, color care to maintain vibrancy, and a lustrous shine to enhance your wig’s overall look.


Blow Drying:

– Begin with a towel-dried wig that has been shampooed and conditioned. Not sure how? Click here to watch our latest wig washing tutorial.
– Take the Hot MUK Thermal Protector and apply it liberally from the roots to the mid-lengths and ends of the wig.
– Make sure to cover all areas of the wig with the spray.
– Use a blow dryer to dry the wig as desired, following your preferred technique and styling tools.
– Style the wig as desired, knowing that it is protected from the heat generated by the blow dryer.

Hot Tools:

– Start by ensuring the wig is dry before using hot tools such as flat irons or curling irons.
– Take one section of the wig at a time and lightly mist the Hot MUK Thermal Protector onto that section.
– Ensure you evenly distribute the spray throughout the section, from the roots to the ends of the wig.
– Repeat the process for each section of the wig that you plan to style with hot tools.
– Immediately proceed to use your preferred hot tool, whether it’s an iron or curling device, on the treated section of the wig.
– Style the wig as desired, knowing that the Hot MUK Thermal Protector provides protection against the heat from the hot tools.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the Hot MUK Thermal Protector for blow-drying and using hot tools on wigs, ensuring your wig remains protected and maintains its quality during the styling process.

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