Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment


Experience the intensive moisture and restoration provided by Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment. Watch as it replenishes lost nutrients, protects your hair from damage, and effortlessly detangles it. No matter your hair type, this treatment is formulated to deliver results in just one minute. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of this cruelty-free formula and give your hair the care it deserves. Choose Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment for visibly healthier and more vibrant hair.





Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment is a haircare product that offers multiple benefits for your hair in just a minute of use. Quick and easy, Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment is perfect for those pressed for time but still want luxury treatment!

The treatment is suitable for all hair types, including synthetic and human hair wigs. This treatment is a versatile option for anyone seeking to improve their hair’s condition. Whether you have medium or coarse hair texture, Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment provides the necessary hydration, smoothing, frizz control, color care, repair, and shine that your hair craves.

One of the key ingredients in Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment is sea kelp extract, known for its moisturizing properties. Combining protein and weightless moisturizing agents, this treatment effortlessly penetrates the hair shaft, delivering moisture and nutrients precisely where they’re needed. As a result, your hair’s elasticity is restored, leaving you with strong, healthy, and manageable locks.


– Shampoo and towel-dry hair. For optimal results, use Deep MUK Ultra Soft Shampoo.
– Apply the Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment to your hair, ensuring complete coverage from roots to ends.
– Allow the treatment to process for just 1 minute. If your hair is particularly dry or damaged, you can leave it on for up to 3 minutes for more intense hydration.
– Thoroughly rinse your hair to remove the treatment.
– For added conditioning benefits, follow up with Deep MUK Ultra Soft Conditioner, if desired.
– For regular maintenance, use the treatment once a week. However, if your hair is extremely damaged, you can use it with every shampoo.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively incorporate Deep MUK 1 Minute Treatment into your hair care routine and experience its rejuvenating effects on your hair.

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