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Need help? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.
How long does shipping take?
Shipping times may vary depending on holiday seasons, however, we do ship orders every day (Monday - Friday) to ensure you have your new hair ASAP. Within Australia, with our express shipping option you can have your wig in 1-3 working days! Standard shipping can take 3-5 working days.
Is it hard to put on a wig?
No, wigs are actually super easy to put on and wear! ❤️ Once your natural hair is braided or tucked under one of the wig caps that comes with your wig, all you need to do is put the wig on. Once you've adjusted the hairline to where you want it to be place, you can secure the clips at the back of the wig, and style the wig as you'd like. The more you do it, the better and faster you will get! Practice makes perfect.
Can I sew in your wigs?
You can sew in our human hair wigs!
Is the hair good quality?
Yes! Our hair is amazing quality. We hate to brag but once you try our Luxe Synthetic wigs, you'll probably forget they are synthetic. You'll fall in love with your amazing new hair, it really feels so soft. You can also use heat as you like up to 180 degrees (celsius) and style as you wish. The hair will not matte with the right care, and will last you a long time too.
How long do your wigs last?
We have some customers wearing our wigs for up to a year after purchasing! With the right care, and a little love, your wig can last you a very very long time. ❤️
Will the wigs tangle or matte?
Our wigs will not matte, but unfortunately synthetic wigs can tangle a little as they do not product natural oils to stop it from happening. With some synthetic wig spray (which is something you can make yourself) you can beat the tangle! ❤️
Do you have a store and can I book an appointment to find my perfect wig?
If you're on the Gold Coast, we have a shop in Parkwood where you can come in by appointment only to find your dream hair! You can book an appointment through the link below. ❤️
What's the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?
Human hair wigs are made with real Brazilian human hair and our synthetic wigs are made with synthetic fibre. If you're trying to decide which is best for you, you should definitely check out this blog! It's got all the pros and cons you need to know about before making your wig purchase. ❤️❤️
Can I use heat to style my wig?
YES! 😍 You can use heat like your normally would on your own hair on any human hair wig, BUT synthetic wigs are a lil different. Our synthetic wigs are heat proof up to 180°C so make sure your heat setting is at that or below xx
How do I cut the lace and install my lace front wig?
Cutting lace seems daunting but it's actually quite easy! Before cutting the lace you need to decide whether you want to glue the wig or not. We cut the lace quite close to the hairline, but not too close - leave about a cm to play with. The lace is made to blend in with your skin, if it isn't a 100% match use makeup to colour correct! The more jaggered the hairline is the better - It's more natural!
Can I wear my wig to the gym?
The short answer is—Yes! You absolutely can workout in both a synthetic and human hair Lace Fronts wig. However, there are some elements you must be mindful of to ensure you’re not left feeling overheated or uncomfortable during your workout. ❤️
Check out more deets on our blog!
How do I hide my natural hair under a wig?
You tuck your hair into your wig cap! ❤️...This sounds almost too good to be true so we made a tutorial showing how to do this! Here's the link to our IGTV video
What's the difference between a lace front wig and cap wig?
Good question! We're asked this all the time so here's a quick rundown ❤️
Lace Front Wigs: Lace front wigs have lace all along the hairline which needs to be cut off. The lace is designed to be transparent against skin for the illusion of a real hairline!
Cap Wigs: These wigs are silicone cap wigs which means they are NOT lace front wigs. These types of wigs have a silicone cap instead to give the appearance of a natural scalp.
What does a wig feel like?
Honestly wigs are amazing. They feel so glamorous and when you find your perfect wig, you will feel so confident! Wigs give the illusion of easy perfect hair. You will feel like you're wearing a wig, because... it is a wig! BUT to everyone else you won't look like you're wearing a wig ❤️ It may take a bit for you to get used to wearing a wig because it's not your hair, and it's different to what you're normally used to. It's SO worth it though!
Can I try your wigs on instore?
Yes! We have a shop in Parkwood, Gold Coast where you can come in and try on some wigs. Please note that we are by appointment only. Wigs are awesome as a beautiful fashion statement but wigs are also needed for medical reasons and for that reason we are by appointment only as we need to respect the privacy of those who don't want to be around others while trying on wigs! You can book your appointment here ❤️
How do I bring my synthetic wig back to life?
Do you have a clothing steamer? This is the BEST tool for bringing your synthetic wig back to life. Need proof or need to know how to do it? Watch this IGTV video ❤️
Skip through the video though because we ramble sometimes 😂
Are the knots bleached?
Yes! Most of our human hair units have bleached knots but you can choose whether you want them or not! 🥰