If you’re looking for lace front wigs with bangs, look no further than online wig supplier Lace Fronts. Based on the Gold Coast, we’ve brought an extra-special collection of high quality synthetic wigs to Australia, including a range of synthetic lace front wigs with bangs. 
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All our wigs are of the highest quality, and made with synthetic fibres that look and feel just like the real thing. This makes it easier than ever to have the hairstyle that you want, without having to change your own natural hair. 

Change up your style with a wig with a fringe

While we know some women are happy to change their hairstyle at the drop of a hat, we also know that others are more reluctant to cut their hair or add a fringe, especially if you’ve been growing it for a long time. 

If you’d love to know what you’d look like with bangs, but you’re not quite ready to try it for a real, one of our cheap lace front wigs with bangswill let you see and experience a new style without the commitment of cutting your hair. 

Our full lace front wigs with bangs are the perfect solution for those of you who want a new look but are scared to go under the scissors, or for those of you who just want a fun and fresh look for an upcoming party or festival. 

Our wigs with bangs are also the ideal accessory for fashion shoots, or for those times when you want a different look and, as they’re extremely reasonably priced, you won’t have to fork out a fortune. 

Easy to care for and easy to wear long wigs with bangs

Whether you’re looking for a short wig with fringe or you want one of our long wigs with bangs, you’ll find a great selection at Lace Fronts, plus all our lace front wigs with side bangs or full bangs come complete with adjustable tapes and internal clips to ensure that they stay where you put them. 

You’ll also find caring for our synthetic wigs a breeze. 

Simply comb, brush, wash and style your new wig as you would your own hair to keep it looking as fresh and silky as the day it arrived, and store on a wig head to ensure it doesn’t get tangled. 

Choose your favourite wig with bangs from Lace Fronts 

So take a look at our collection of synthetic wigs with bangs and we’re sure you’ll agree that we’ve got one of the best selections of wigs with fringes Australia has available. What’s more, you’ll see that our prices are always extremely reasonable, especially as we offer the chance to pay in four interest free instalments. 

If you do have any queries about any of our wigs, contact us at info@lacefronts.com.au, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest collections. 

Our Lace

Because you've decided to buy your wigs online from our Gold Coast store, you may find that the lace colour may not be able to match your skin colour exactly. In this case you can use make-up to camouflage the lace. Just apply some make-up to the hairline and the part on the lace of the wig and blend it to match the colour of your skin. A powder make-up is great for this as it's easy to apply and blend. Most times this is not an issue but it is always an option if you are concerned about the lace blending into your skin.

Our Lace Front Wigs With Bangs Are Ideal If You Have Problems With Your Own Hair

Suffering any kind of hair loss or thinning of the hair can be embarrassing and quite devastating, especially for women. There are many reasons that you may be suffering from hair loss such as illness, aggressive medical treatments or even stress.

Common problems like alopecia, where you can temporarily lose clumps of hair quite often due to stress, can cause embarrassment and loss of self confidence. Wearing one of our lace front wigs with side bangs can give you back your self confidence and make you look fantastic.

At Lace Fronts, we have so many styles to choose from that you can either match a style and colour to your natural hair or even have a complete change with a different colour and style. Whichever wig you choose, you can be confident that our wigs with bangs will look totally natural and no-one will know that you're wearing a wig.

How Long Will My Lace Front Wig Last?

How long your wig lasts will depend greatly on how well you care for it and how often you wear it. A well cared for lace front wig can last for more than 1 year especially if you store it safely on a wig head and keep it detangled and clean.

If you wear your wig on a daily basis, you should probably wash it once every 12-21 days to keep it looking fresh and to maintain its style. You can also use a dry shampoo on your wig as this will revitalise it and remove any excess oil. 

Can A Lace Front Wig Be Cut And Styled?

You can certainly cut and style your lace front wig if you wish. You may decide that you want a fringe or that the bangs need a little more shaping around your face. You can either cut the wig yourself with a good pair of hairdressing scissors if you feel you have the skill. We do however highly recommend you go to a hairdresser who is familiar with cutting and styling wigs. 

Lace Front is Australia's leader in fasion wigs online. We are based on the Gold Coast and offering Lace Front Wigs With Bangs Gold Coast, Lace Front Wigs With Bangs Brisbane and Lace Front Wigs Brisbane. Order your wig from Lace Fronts now!
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