When it comes to offering quality fashion wigs for girls in Perth, no-one does it better than Lace Fronts.

We are an Australian based company that have now expanded to deliver across the entire country. We have a huge selection of high-quality lace front wigs, with an ever-expanding range of looks for every occasion. Perth has fallen in love with our quality synthetic wigs. We are so happy to be able to get our wigs out to the west coast, Perth has become one of our favourite places and the girls of Perth have shown us nothing but love.

We have synthetic lace front wigs for every style that a Perth girl could want. Perth is known to have a unique style. The girls there know style and are willing to try new looks as they become available. We have looks for every occasion, whether you are going for a chill look or hitting up the night life Lace Fronts has you covered. You won’t find as good a quality synthetic wig for a better price anywhere in Perth.

One thing Perth girls have noticed about our wigs is that they are made from the softest synthetic fibres available. They feel extremely natural so that you can change your style without worrying about looking like you are wearing plastic. These soft synthetic fibres look and feel just like real hair. The best part is they cost a fraction of the price of a real hair wig. These wigs are made for all conditions that the Perth climate will send your way.

Our full lace front wigs have empowered girls in Perth to embrace new styles at an affordable price.

Instead of having one very expensive real hair wig you can have multiple differently styled wigs for any occasion that a Perth socialite may attend.

With awesome lace front wigs, we have been able to become the place for girls in Perth to express their own styles. Whether you prefer the natural look, or you want to turn heads, you’ll find something to suit your style in our online collection. No matter what event you are going to there is going to be a style from our collection that will work. Whether it is a more formal event or somewhere you want to go a little wild.

We have it all. With a diverse collection of wigs and styles of fringes there is no wonder why Perth women have come to love Lace Fronts.

Whether you choose a wig with a full fringe, a wig with side bangs or one of our other lace front wigs, you’ll find that all our wigs are extremely easy to care for. They are easy to style and stay comfortable and secure for hours.

Simply wash, style, comb and brush your wig as you would your own hair, and store on a wig head when it’s not in use. Our wigs work great with in any weather that Perth will throw your way.

Choose your favourite wig and take advantage of our payment options, Afterpay and Zippay. Which allow you to pay for your wig in four interest free instalments. It’s really is one of the easiest purchases you will ever make online.

To find out more about any of our wigs follow us on Facebook and Instagram at lacefrontsaustralia. Keep up to date with our latest wig collections at www.lacefronts.com.au or contact us at info@lacefronts.com.au m

Here are some easy tips or maintaining your lace front wig in Perth


We believe that choosing one of ourLace Fronts wigs is a great decision any girl can make to up their hair game. Once you have your wig and you start enjoying the different looks that you previously missed out on, you won’t look back.

Tips for maintaining your wig for Perth girls.

  • Only brush your wig using a large paddle brush or a wide tooth comb. Make sure you hold the hair at the top and don't pull too hard as you don't want to pull out the hair strands. When detangling, it's best to start at the ends of the wig and then work your way up to the top.
  • Never use hair products which have a high alcohol content. Because these products can damage the synthetic hair and can cause breakage and shedding.
  • When using a blow dryer on your wig, use only the cool setting and don't apply heat over 180 degrees Celsius. You can still use heated styling tools on your wig but just remember to keep the temperature on the cooler side.
  • Although it's not recommended that you sleep with your wig on, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to, made sure you braid the wig first so it doesn't get tangled while you sleep. It is also a good idea to wrap a silk scarf around your head as this will eliminate any friction caused by you moving your head around on the pillow.
  • If your wig is looking a little dull and flat, try using a dry shampoo to revitalise it and add back the volume. This will freshen your wig up beautifully and may mean you can get a few more days of wear in between washes.

At Lace Fronts we have a soft spot for Perth, and we are happy to be able to bring fresh styles for girls there. We know that you're going to absolutely love our synthetic wigs, and if you follow our simple care tips, you'll keep your wig looking fresh and new for a long time to come.