Wig Refresh with Caitlin

Wig Refresh with Caitlin: How to Easily Freshen Up and Restyle Your Wigs
Wig Refresh with Caitlin: How to Easily Freshen Up and Restyle Your Wigs

Welcome back! Today, we’re delving into the realm of wig maintenance and rejuvenation with Caitlin, your go-to expert from Lace Fronts Australia. Whether you’re new to wig care or a seasoned pro, Caitlin’s insights will help you preserve the longevity and allure of your beloved wig investment.

Prefer to watch? You can watch Caitlin’s Quick Tip tutorial here

Wig Prep

First things first – let’s set the stage for wig success! Got hair? Pop on a wig cap to keep it in check and create a smooth base for your wig. And if you want some extra wig security, a wig grip is your new BFF. It’s like a hug for your wig, keeping it snug as a bug all day long!

Fine-Tune Your Wig

Now, let’s get those side pieces just right. Take a sec to adjust them to match your natural hairline. Voila! Instant blendability for a look that’s as natural as can be.

Shield Like a Pro

Time to pamper your wig with some TLC. Start by spritzing on some Hot MUK thermal protector spray – it’s like sunscreen for your wig, protecting it from the heat while you style.

Smooth Away the Stress

Got a few flyaways? No worries! Grab a hot comb and gently smooth them out for a sleek and polished finish. Easy peasy!

Give Your Wig Some Love

Keep your wig happy and hydrated with some MUK conditioning spray. Give it a good spritz all over to keep those fibers feeling soft and silky.

Seal the Deal with Shine

Finish off your wig refresh routine with a touch of MUK thermal serum. A little dab’ll do ya – just smooth it over your wig for a gorgeous, glossy shine that’ll turn heads wherever you go!

You can grab all of the products used in this guide in our Complete Human Hair Care kit.

And there you have it – Caitlin’s super simple, totally fun guide to wig refreshment! With these tips and tricks, you’ll have your wig looking fresh and fabulous in no time. So go ahead, rock that wig with confidence and style – you’ve got this!