Why do people have lace front wigs?

Why do people have lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs have the ability to completely transform your look without the hassle of spending hours in the hair salon and dropping hundreds of dollars. Originally, lace front wigs were typically found on movie sets, used to transform actors into characters; but nowadays they have become extremely mainstream and are widely available to purchase.

Understandably, not just Hollywood actors are interested in amplifying their look, so here at Lace Fronts, we create wigs for the everyday consumer that are just as stylish and luscious as the high-end wigs found on set.

With outstanding breakthroughs in manufacturing and an increase in accessibility to high-quality hair, you can easily find your perfect wig in the Lace Fronts online store.

The main reason people have lace front wigs or a collection of lace front wigs (one for every occasion) is because people take pride in their appearance and love to express their individuality through creating their ideal look.

Lace front wigs are more sought after than general wigs as they have an invisible hairline which means when worn correctly, they are basically undetectable; as it gives the illusion the hair is actually growing from your head.

Lace front wigs are made from more lightweight materials in comparison to a regular wig and therefore are more comfortable, especially for an extended wear time. The construction of our wigs at Lace Fronts, means you have more freedom when it comes to styling too – which is very beneficial for those who want to get the most looks out of their favourite lace front wig.

People who experience premature balding, hair thinning, alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy treatment can highly benefit from lace front wigs. Here at Lace Fronts, we have a goal to help restore the confidence and vitality for our valued customers in any way we can. At Lace Fronts, our wigs are constructed in a high-quality way which allows customers to participate in a range of activities such as jogging or working out without having to ever worry about their wig being detected or not staying in place.


Wigs are a wardrobe staple when it comes to A-list Hollywood celebrities. If you follow any well-known celebs on Instagram, you may have seen them experimenting with wigs and hair pieces to regularly overhaul their entire look. Even those celebrities who you think may be rocking their natural locks, most likely are wearing a high-quality lace front wig that is basically undetectable due to manufacturing advancements.
Celebrity hairstylist Amy Gibson, believes around 50% of women wear wigs, extensions or some kind of hair to enhance their look.
Here at Lace Fronts, we have a range of impressive and versatile lace front wigs, for a fraction of that price the celebs pay.  Our high-quality human hair, superb manufacturing and upmarket styles will have you feeling amazing and keeps the funds in the bank account, or wardrobe.