What’s the best wig for my face shape?

Lacefronts. What's the best wig for my face shape?

We have put together some brief guidelines on which shape and style of wig will best complement your look. It’s important to keep in mind that your face shape may not perfectly align to one of the following shapes, and this is extremely common as each face shape is beautiful and unique to itself! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wig use this information to help you determine the best wig or hairstyle for you.


Long or extra-long wig options for people with round faces can work extremely well as the length often helps in balancing out the wideness of a round face. You may find that straight hairstyles are more balancing as the sleekness can be minimising of wideness, whereas curls can add to the wideness of a round face. The more volume the better with round faces, as height particularly at the crown, will give the illusion of more length.


Square faces are most similar to circle faces, with the addition of a strong angular jawline. This allows you the freedom of experimenting with full or wispy bangs. You will find, like the round face, adding height at the crown will help to elongate your face. Loose curls and waves in short-medium styles help soften the angular look of a square face, while an off-centre part

styled wig or layered bob finishing above the jawline can really accentuate the beauty of a square shaped face.


Oval faces are one of the most versatile face shapes, which can look fabulous in anything from a bob to an extra-long wavy or curly wig. This is because an oval face is well proportioned in every section of the face. Having the length of the face longer than the width of the face allows for maximum style and cut variety. So, if you have an oval face, when choosing a wig, concentrate on making a wig choice that will emphasise features such as your eyes, cheekbones or lips. Side part styles and swept forward layers around the upper part of the face are also promising style choices for oval faces.


People who have a heart shaped face often have gorgeous cheekbones and a defined slender jaw. A chin length bob is always magnificent on a heart shaped face as it works perfectly with their more narrow chin. Tousled layers in a medium-longer style wig is a great option that can be rocked by someone with a heart shaped face, at any age. A heart shaped face looks phenomenal with most hairlines especially a widows peak style, as the heart shaped face often sports a larger and wider forehead.


This is generally a face shape that is a cross between a heart and an oval with the widest point of the face being the cheekbones. The diamond face shape is another extremely balanced face shape that welcomes an abundance of differing stylish wig choices. Wig styles with layers, long wavy curls or short chin length bobs all work fabulously with a diamond face shape. A wig hairstyle that can be tucked behind the ears, braided or held off your face with barrettes or clips really work well when showing off the distinct cheekbones of a diamond face shape.


This is a face shape that is longer than it is wide, which works great with short to medium style wigs with long layers or loose waves. Slightly longer bob cuts that turn in or out around your jawline can work fabulously on an oblong face shape. Also, wigs with straight across or feathered bangs are wig styles that will accentuate the great architecture of an oblong face. You’ll find longer wavy and curly layered wigs really flatter the straight long lines of an oblong face too.