What is a Lace Front wig?

What is a lacefronts

Have you ever wondered how celebrities change their hairstyles at the snap of a fingers? How they have the best style, volume and flyness! It’s a wig girl!

Ever imagined how girls wear hair that’s obviously a wig (because you saw them in the morning and their hair was definitely not that long) and yet still leave confused because it obviously doesn’t look like a wig? You might have thought it was sorcery or some secret technique handed down to women in a secret girls club you definitely weren’t invited to. But while it’d be cool to be able to do a bit of magic and have gorgeous hairstyles appear on our heads, the “magic” behind those seamlessly blended hairstyles is a lace front wig.

A lace front wig is a wig or hairpiece that is built on a piece of sheer lace. A lace front wig is not to be confused with a full lace wig as they give two very different looks. A lace front wig like the name implies only covers the front of the hair with the other parts of the wig being built on other strong wig caps. A lace front wig gives a more natural look and if blended properly no one would ever believe your hair isn’t growing from your scalp. The hair used to make a lace front wig could either be synthetic, human hair or mixed with both. The hairs are individually attached to the lace by hand in a step by step process to give the hair that flawless, natural look.


The only way to wear a wig in 2018 is a lace front wig! They always look natural, the style possibilities are endless and they are so easy to care for. No more redoing your extensions or spending time trying to blend them in! Lace front wigs are so easy to fix on the head and you can style them into so many different styles. Because lace front wigs imitate the natural hairline you can also carve out baby hairs on them to create the most natural and flattering look on the hair. Our lace front wigs are glueless wig that are secured with an adjustable strap and combs, however lace front wigs can be glued down using a semi-permanent glue which can last up to a week, you can also use a strong hair wax to secure them for a full day and keep your natural hair safe from being pulled out. We recommend you try Schwarzkopf Got 2b Glued.


At Lace Fronts Australia we know that everyone wants to get the best hair and the best look at the best price. This is why we stock only the best synthetic hair. We are not talking your typical synthetic hair, this is the hair that rivals most human hair wigs. You can cut, style, colour, wash and wear as you like and you don’t have to worry about the hair losing its style, lustre or shine. With great quality synthetics and a little love your wig will well outlast your human hair wig.


Once size truely does fit all! Together with the adjustable straps and well made caps you can rest assured that the wig you choose you will fit you perfectly


Wearing lace front wigs is super simple, there is very little you need to do before rocking your new hair. Check out these few customisations you can make to create a flawless look.

Firstly you can give your wig a part you will love by simply tweezing out some hair. Tweezing the part will extend the length and help define it. Tweezing the hair line will help to match the wig to your natural hairline and give it a flawless finish. Once the excess lace is cut off then your wig is ready to be worn.

Lace front wigs are one of the best investments you can make towards your beauty. Not only do they last forever but they also keep looking gorgeous. With lace front wigs you can cover up balding, alopecia, or change your look whenever you like. Get the best lace front wigs in Australia from our store today so you can wake up like Beyoncé.