What Are The Different Types Of Wig Caps Available?

Lacefronts what are the different types of wig caps available

If you are new to synthetic wigs it can be quite confusing to figure out all the styles available and what the differences between them are. At Lace Fronts Australia we are committed to providing the best quality wigs at affordable prices. To make it easier for girls to figure out the difference between wig caps we have whipped up this little article to explain.


There are five types of wig caps commonly available, and it is good to know which might suit your lifestyle and needs. When selecting your wig make sure to go through the options and weigh up what works best for your needs.


The standard wig cap is the most basic option. It is going to be the heaviest of all the options but it is also commonly very sturdy. It will have a closed flower net lace top, often it also has a web of lace or weaving down the sides on the inside. Generally these caps are made from cotton-based material and the hair is sewn in to the cap by machine.


This style of synthetic wig is preset and the crown is often teased so that you cannot see through the hair to the cap. This teasing helps disguise the wig cap, as well as provide the wearer with extra volume at the crown. Because of the more present nature of the cap it can be hard to style a standard wig cap in the same way you can other synthetic wig caps. Another common problem is that standard wig caps don’t look as natural as other wig caps. It can be quite easy to tell when looking carefully, that a standard wig cap is not natural hair. A standard wig cap can be a good place to start but there are often better choices if you have a deeper look.


Capless wigs are very common and are usually very affordable. The crown, back and sides often have wefting to hold the hair together. These wigs are usually very easy to wear and are open and breathable. Unfortunately due to the way these wigs are designed and the limited wefting and structure they tend to fall apart a lot easier than other styles of wig caps. If you are looking for something to last into the future there are often better options than a capless wig. They won’t last as long as other wigs and they are far less versatile.


Monofilament cap wigs are made from nylon or polyester mesh material that is thinly placed at the crown to create the illusion of scalp/skin. Since the scalp shows through the cap, the wearer enjoys a more natural look than the above two wig cap styles. The hair is hand tied at the crown and may be parted and brushed in any direction. Because of the complex way it is made it is a rarer wig cap to find. A big problem with monofilament wig caps is the smaller selection of styles that you have available. For most girls you will want a range of styles that monofilament wig caps will not be able to provide.


Hand-tied caps are excellent for people with hair loss and are very well suited for wearers with a sensitive scalp as it is a very comfortable option. The cap is mesh based and the strands of hair are hand tied. This design provides ample ventilation and is very light weight. Hand-tied wig caps are expensive due to how they are made so can be hard for some people to justify this purchase.


There is no secret that this our favourite type of wig cap available. Lace front caps create the most natural look available, but this clever design does make it the most expensive option. The hairline is so natural in appearance the wearer can even wear the hair up and off their face. Lace front caps do require you to look after your wig when you are not wearing so that you can maintain it. But because of the sheer amount of styles available and the constant innovation of lace front wigs there is no surprise that this is the number one style of wig caps currently available. Girls can now enjoy realistic looking hair at affordable prices, what was once only available to celebrities and millionaires can now be enjoyed by everyone!


At Lace Fronts Australia we are passionate about helping girls across the country, from Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between, to find their own styles. Make sure to check out our full range of synthetic wigs online! We are constantly updating our collection of wigs!