The Three Things You Need to Know About Your First Wig

the three things you need to know about your first wig

So, you are looking to switch up your style and have decided on getting a wig. Awesome! The quality of wigs that are available now is better than ever. It’s now super easy to find the perfect wig for your own personal look and lifestyle. Before you jump in and purchase your first wig here are the three most important things you need to decide. At Lace Fronts Australia we have a huge range of high-quality synthetic wigs for girls across the country, now is the time to decide which ones are best for you!


Are you getting a wig to completely change up your style or are you going for something a little more conservative? Maybe you want to try out short hair or have never managed to grow your locks out and want to live that long life!

If this is going to be your first wig, we recommend you stick as close to your current style or at least style you feel most comfortable in. Remember you will be learning how to style and wear a wig as you go. Getting something more comfortable to begin with will allow you to feel comfortable with experimenting!

After the honeymoon period of your first wig is the time to start experimenting with different styles and colours. You can customise your own wig or home or go out and get more wigs to try out different styles. Wigs make this easy! Have fun with the advantage of being able to put on a perfect hairstyle every time, to be able to change your style to meet your personality on any occasion!


The most exciting aspect of wearing synthetic wigs is that you don’t have to commit to any chemical damage or long term look to change colour! As you get more and more wigs you will be building a perfect wardrobe for your hair!

One of the classic reasons to get a wig is to try a new hair colour. If this is your first wig, we do suggest playing it safe and go for a more natural colour palette. Although we love bright outgoing colours, we don’t want you to be turned off wigs altogether because you go too crazy too soon! Try something a little different and then branch out later. Trust us, this will get you going and comfortable with wigs, once you have some experience under your belt you can get out there and splash out with different colours. Wigs are always going to look foreign on your head even if it is the best quality money can buy, the first time you will feel like you don’t look like you!  But you will warm up to wigs quickly!

Therefore, we suggest staying with a style and colour close to what you already know. But for the more adventurous go for it!! Try out all those crazy styles you always wanted to! For the most natural look we always suggest going for a rooted colour or a hair colour with highlights and depth. This gives a bit more of a natural look and feel over solid colours. Remember, the difference in lighting from outside and inside will reflect a difference in colour so make sure to check your wig in both when deciding your first colour.


Your lifestyle, schedule, and ability to style hair should be taken into consideration when buying a wig. How much time do you have to spend or are willing to spend on styling your hair? What climate will you be in? And the most important of all… How much does it cost?

Someone with little time or ability to style their hair every day may want to consider staying a synthetic hair wig that is easy to handle and style. There will be less needed to maintain the style and will be easily worn frequently with no trouble. Maybe you have a specific event and need that one of the more outgoing styles that won’t be used regularly. Make sure to think about when and where you will be wearing the wig and choosing according to these conditions.

Wigs are easy to wear and quite addicting once you realise how convenient they are! At lace fronts we know wigs! If you are ready to take the plunge and get your first wig, make sure to check out our entire range online. We stock a huge variety of wigs for any occasion, style and personality!