Synthetic Hair vs Real Hair – Which is best for you?

Lacefronts. Synthetic hair vs real hair - Which is best for you?
So you want to buy a wig, but you can’t decide between synthetic or real hair. Don’t worry! we have you covered. At Lace Fronts  we are constantly asked to provide wigs for a range of uses. Whether you are heading to a festival and need a splash of colour or are heading to an important meeting and want a new corporate look. We have helped thousands of girls find that perfect fit. Here are the pros and cons for synthetic and real hair wigs.


Price is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing a new wig. This one is pretty simple, real-hair wigs cost more. Even for lower grades of wig, real hair costs a premium. This is due mostly to the difficulty in producing real-hair wigs. Much more time and energy must be invested to create a real hair wig. To create a high quality real-hair wig the finest hair must first be sourced, which is extremely difficult. After the hair is sourced the hair must be intricately woven and placed together. Real hair wigs can be priced at thousands of dollars. For most people this is way too expensive.
Synthetic wigs win on cost. Theses days you can get incredibly high-quality synthetic wigs for a fraction of the cost of real hair wigs. Advances in technology has allowed synthetic wigs to catch up to human hair wigs in quality while remaining uncostly.


With advances in manufacturing techniques and technology, synthetic hair has come a long way. In some cases, it is difficult to tell the difference. The denier and texture are such that they feel comparable to human hair. As a matter of fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, you would never know they were not natural human hair!
Having said this in most cases real hair is incredibly hard to mimic perfectly, especially when it comes to keeping the hair in a smooth, soft state. As synthetic wigs don’t produce any natural oils it is harder to keep them gorgeous. Having said that there are many sprays and ways to maintain a synthetic wig, that once you get the hang of it you won’t look back.


When considering style, it is important to factor in time. When a real hair wig is purchased it is necessary to style before you wear. For most synthetic wigs this is not a concern, you can buy and wear immediately with little attention and time required to style. Also, a real hair wig requires a larger degree of care and maintenance in comparison to a synthetic wig.
Synthetic wigs can also come in a range of styles and colours that real hair wigs cannot replicate. Given this fact in combination with the lower price that allows you to stock a range of styles and colours, this one goes to synthetic wigs.


The ethics surrounding the wig industry are still largely hidden from the majority of consumers. It is important to understand where your wig is coming from and what it takes to produce, as there are many illegal and unethical methods that some manufacturers use to source their hair. The majority of hair for wigs comes from India and China. In some cases, the hair is forcibly removed using violence.
It is important to understand this when considering which kind of wig, you are going to purchase. To ensure that the wig you buy has been made ethically will require you to research the manufacturer and, in most cases, ethically sourced wigs are much more expensive. Synthetic wigs do not come with the same ethical concerns.


For most cases a synthetic wig is going to be the best fit. Being cheaper, versatile and ethical synthetic wigs beat real-hair wigs. Although real hair wigs are still at the top for luxury wigs, synthetic wigs are really stepping up and giving everyone a chance to have amazing hair and a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a new look, make sure to check out our entire range of synthetic wigs at Lace Fronts Australia.