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Lace Fronts Australia Blog - Your 2024 Wig Journey


Chances are, you’re reading this because you are on or about to start a journey with wigs. At Lace Fronts Australia, many people across the country come to us looking for hair loss solutions or simply to create a new look that their natural hair can’t achieve. Whatever reason brought you here, we want you to know you are supported, there’s a community here to help you through. From fun tips and styling needs to chatting about your hair loss experience in a safe environment, our team of hair experts are here to guide you through.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled these tips and points for consideration as you enter the world of wigs.

Open Communication and Support

If you’re needing to wear wigs due to hair loss, chat with your loved ones about this journey you are about to embark on. This can be an emotional time and, sometimes, that might not be understood fully by our partners or loved ones. Depending on the reasons for your hair loss, they can also be going through an emotional time. Create a safe space where you can talk openly with each other to express your feelings and any concerns.

Ultimately, this is your journey, the decisions and power lay with you. It’s about your happiness at the end of the day.

Don’t Forget Your Inner Beauty

Remember that your worth is not solely defined by appearance. Remind yourself of all your amazing qualities, talents, and strengths.

It’s important to remember that beauty radiates from within.

Emotional Validation 

Hair loss can evoke a range of emotions, including sadness, frustration, and overwhelm. Please remember, that these feelings are valid and normal. It’s okay to experience a variety of emotions during this process. You are not alone on this journey.

Share Stories of Resilience

Remember there are many people going through this experience. And thus, many inspiring stories from others who have successfully coped with hair loss and embraced wigs as a solution. Hearing about positive experiences from others can offer comfort and encouragement during difficult times.


Wig Logistics

Discovering the perfect wig holds the potential to uplift your confidence, restore dignity, and reconnect with a sense of self. However, finding the right wig can also present some challenges. Seeking guidance from a wig specialist, like booking a complimentary consultation with one of our team members, can provide insight, and assist with putting you on the right path for the perfect wig.

Human vs synthetic

The initial decision often involves choosing between synthetic and human hair. Human hair offers a natural look, versatility, and are easier to maintain while synthetic hair is known more for affordability.

Check reviews

Whether you decide to purchase a wig with Lace Fronts Australia or another company, ensure you check online reviews and align your wants and needs with the experience of others. You can see our reviews by clicking here.

Maintenance and Care

Understanding the care regimen required for you chosen wig is important for maintaining its longevity and appearance. A general rule, the shorter the wig the less maintenance required. We provide a variety of online tutorials to help with appearance upkeep and longevity, click here to watch and learn.

Fit and Size

Ensure your wig provides the right fit for enhanced comfort and security. Most wigs are available in various sizes, we offer ours in small, medium, and large. To get the best fit, you’ll need to measure your head properly. You can view our tutorial on sizing, here. The better the fit, the more secure you’ll feel and look.


Wigs come in a wide price range, prompting the need to strike a balance between quality and financial comfort. Consider your budget aligns with both expectations and affordability, this will ensure you’ll be fully satisfied with your purchase. We offer a range of payment plans, from layby to AfterPay or Zip Pay. There is also government financial assistance depending on your location in Australia, you can read all about it here.


Your 2024 journey to finding the perfect wig involves a combination of research, professional guidance, and exploration. By considering various factors such as hair type, maintenance needs, fit, and budget, you will have a positive and empowering experience.

At Lace Fronts Australia, we offer a great variety of natural synthetics for you to peruse, as well an under $100 collection. Ultimately, you can view our human hair collection, keeping in mind all human hair units come with free express shipping and complimentary customisations so we can tailor your wig to fit your unique look.


Feel free to contact us, book a complimentary consultation or pop by our Gold Coast shop to chat about your needs and discuss solutions.