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September 27, 2019 3 min read

Human hair wigs are an amazing way to style your hair. It’s not only used to conceal baldness, but you can dye them and create unique hairstyles out of it. However, one must know the art of styling human hair wigs. If you’re new to the world of hair wigs, don’t worry. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide that will make you a pro at styling in no time.

You’ll need a wide comb, hair styling machine, human hair wig, and wig cap. Get your tools ready and let’s get started!


Step #1: Cut the excess lace


You have got a new lace front wig that falls on your forehead, which means you’ll be needing a pair of scissors to cut the excess. It should be cut till your hairline. Remember, this has to be done patiently with great precision.

First, pin up your hair wig on the sides of the centre marking clip using hairpins to prevent hair from being cut. Use your scissors and start cutting small pieces of lace instead of cutting it all at once, as this could damage your wig. Cut the lace until it’s not visible.


Step #2: Partition Your Hair


Use a wide-angle comb and start parting your hair. If your hair is damp, let it air dry. You could use a blow dryer on a low setting. When you’re combing your hair, make sure you aren’t combing the base where the wig is attached.


Step #3: Tame the Frizziness


You can use Shea butter or hair serum to soften the frizzy and dry edges. Gently dab your hair with a towel before you proceed with hair styling tools.


Step #4: Use a hairstyling Spray


After you’ve successfully straightened or curled your hair just the way you wanted to, seal the curls using a hair spray.

Lastly, to give some shine to your hair, use a shining spray that will display a neat and fresh look.

Easy peasy isn’t it? Remember to use heat styling products set on a low temperature so it doesn’t damage your hair wig regardless of superior quality.

What’s honestly so amazing about a wig is that you could try out any style of your choice. Human hair wigs give you an illusion of real natural hair without looking fake. No matter which hairstyle you go for, it’s important that you take care of your wig and wash it with the hair products intended for it.


How to Straighten a Human Hair Wig


You can straighten your wig with a flat iron just like you straighten your natural hair. Partition your wig into sections and comb the hair to remove any tangles before you straighten them. Use a heat resistant spray to protect your hair from damage.

How to Curl a Human Hair Wig


You could either use a hair curler to achieve curls or you could use hair rollers. The hair rollers work best on wet hair since damp hair locks in the moisture, making it easy to style.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hair styling tools and create the look of your dreams keeping in mind the safety rules.

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