How Often Should You Wash a Human Hair Wig?

Lacefronts how often should you wash a human hair wig

Just as your natural hair needs attention, similarly human hair needs to be showered with love and care. Whether you’re wearing it daily or you just want to transform your ordinary hairstyle into a classy hairdo for a special occasion, the perfect look can only be achieved if you take care of the maintenance of your hair wig. In this way, you could increase the life span and style your hair just the way you want to.




#1: Environment

The environment in which you live in plays a huge role when it comes to your human hair wig. If you’re an individual who spends more time outside, your human hair wig is more prone to get dirty and untidy when it’s exposed to heat and pollution in the surroundings. Therefore, it’s mandatory to wash your human hair wig more often.

#2: Use of Hair Products

If you’re a fashionista who loves trying out versatile hair looks, styling products such as hair spray or cream are required in the process. As a result, it causes product build up and can damage your hair wig in the long-run. Therefore, you’ll need to wash it more often than usual by using the right products meant for your human hair wig.

#3: Type of Hair Wig

Hair wig comes in different hair textures such as curly, wavy and sleek. Curly hair are high- maintenance as compared to the latter hair types. Thus, you should properly clean and maintain your curly hair wig.

#4: Oil

Oily scalp is one of the major turn offs that makes your hair look greasy, flat, and clumpy. If you’ve an oily scalp and wear a wig, it’s advised to wash your twice a week.

Now, the real question is how to wash the human hair wigs and how often should it be washed to give it a fresh look? Follow these tips and tricks to master the art of taking care of your hair.

It depends on how frequently you use it. In general, it’s advised to wash it after 8-10 times of usage.




Most people use the same hair products for the wigs as they use for natural hair, which isn’t a good practice. There are different hair products tailored for human hair wigs. If you’ve lace front hair wig, use the hair care products meant for it.

Before you wash the wig, make sure to remove any tangles with a wide comb. Rinse the hair with cold water and apply enough shampoo to produce the lather. Instead of scrubbing, brush the hair strands softly with your fingers. Don’t forget to apply shampoo to the cap. Once done, wash the hair wig thoroughly with luke-warm water and you’re all done.

You can also condition your hair while the hair wig is wet. It will give an instant shine and sleek look to your otherwise dry and dull wig.

After a successful cleaning job, air-dry the hair wig. Although, human hair wigs are heat resistant, it’s always best to let it dry naturally.

By following these tips, you can easily extend the longevity of your hair wigs and enjoy spicing it up with different styles.

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