How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

how long do lace front wigs last

This is one of the most common questions that we get from girls across the country. With proper care and attention our lace front wigs can last well over one year. Forget about the bulky looking sew in weaves; these modified hair pieces can make one look as if they are wearing their natural hair. Women from the Gold Coast to Perth have embraced them with so much love. You can have several looks at the tip of your fingers and choose which look best suits any occasion. Even though it is easy to wear a wig, it requires proper care to ensure that your favourite wigs will last. Follow these tips and you won’t believe how many compliments you get for your ever beautiful lace front wig and endless good hair days.

Clean it thoroughly – A clean hairpiece is a lasting one. You could pay for a professional cleaning at the saloon or you can do it yourself. Whichever way, the point is to fight the grim and dirt that might build up on your lace front wig.

Use Two Wigs – Just like it is with outfits, alternating between two wigs helps allow one wig to rest while giving you a chance to be stylish. You can order two wigs of a different style but made out of the same materials so that it is easier for you to look after them. If you order different textures, you may have to buy different care products for each piece which becomes expensive. While one piece is washed, rock the other and no one will notice that you are doing it to save your wigs lifespan.

Use a good wig stand – You might ignore a wig stand but it is amazing the things it can do for you. A wig stand does not only keep the wig, it is from here that your wig gets aired out and stays in shape. When you wash your lace front wig, the wig stand is the best place for it to drip and dry. And there is no better place to style your wig than on your wig stand. So if you want your beautiful piece of hair to last, a wig stand is a must.

Wear it with care – You wouldn’t pull your natural hair anyhow, would you? Neither should you pull or apply any form of pressure to your front lace wig. When wearing it, be careful not to apply too much force. It might not tear immediately, but small patches may begin to show up and eventually, your wig will be damaged. Just make sure that when you are heading out to parties or events with the wig to be conscious of it. As unlike your natural hair you will not feel the same pressure when it is being pulled.

Don’t go to bed with your wig- If you choose to, at least cover it with a net hair cup. But this should only be during exceptional moments like a visit to your boo’s house and you don’t want him to see that it’s fake hair, or during other times that you are not comfortable to put it off. Otherwise, at your home, you should be comfortable enough to go to sleep without your piece. Sleeping with your wig on spoils it. It messes the fibers of the wig and makes it look shapeless. It even makes it hard to comb and style the next day.

Your front lace wig can work until you decide that you are tired of it. But if you follow these simple rules then you will be able to wear your lace front wig long into the future. We have created some how to videos covering preppingstylinggluing and washing.

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