Festival Wig Wearing

Lacefronts. Festival wig wearing

I absolutely love going to festivals. There’s nothing more special to me than going to some far off (or sometimes nearby) location and immersing myself in dance, music and fashion.

Going to festivals with my friends has always been a highlight for us and trust me when I say preparing for a festival takes intense weeks of military-style planning. Sometimes I feel like the prep for the festival is like 56% of the fun in going. We pick outfits, jewellery, shoes, copious amount of glitter and of course HAIR!

I am obsessed with changing my hair, switching up the style, the colour, and even the length. Due to various reasons like work, school, I’m not always able to do my hair the way I’d really like (HR might frown at unicorn glitter in my hair) and sometimes the way I want it this week is definitely not how I want it the next. A simple way I get around this is using lace front wigs. Let me tell you once you discover the beauty and versatility of wigs, you will never ever look back. With wigs, you can be whoever you want to be. From Beyoncé in the morning and Lana Del Rey at night.

Wigs are absolutely perfect for wearing to a festival and if you need proof of this keep reading:


Wigs are just so easy. Its crazy how easy it is to slay with a wig on your head. All you literally need to do is put it on and fix it properly and you’ve got a bomb hairstyle. This ease is especially needed in festivals where you might not have access to electricity or even a water source. With a wig, you have direct access to good hair while keeping your real hair safe out of the way.


While wearing wigs you can explore all limits of your creativity. With wigs, all the flawless festival styles you see on the gram become readily available. You can use wigs to give yourself length and volume, a funky bob, a amazing colour that would take so much damage to your hair and heaps of $$! With wigs, you can literally be whoever you want to be at the festival.


One of the best parts of wigs for festivals is the versatility. Again with wigs, you can be who you want to be. I keep stressing this because where else can you be more free than at a festival? You’re free to dance, sing, have fun and your hair should join the party. And keeping in line with responsible fun (hi mum I know you’re reading this), wigs are the best way to safely party with your hair. Now is your time to explore, create and repeat. 


Have you ever wanted to try out some festival colours but felt it would be too much for real life? Well with lace front wigs you can literally have the hair of your dreams with no damage to your hair. Give your look a boost with dope festival hair purplepink, blue or yellow. Literally any colour your feelin’ can be achieved with front lace wigs. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a wig to look natural or a little extra but either way you can glue that baby down in minutes and be stress free all day and night. 


You can style your wig before wearing it, or style it on your head. Put in braids, ribbons, glitter, and anything you feel like. It’s a festival honey, feel free!

The energy that comes with going to a festival is unrivalled. Keep that same energy with your hair and blow your friends away with your festival looks you create with Lace Fronts Australia. ❤