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May 13, 2019 4 min read

More and more girls are flocking towards synthetic lace wigs as they realise how easy, affordable and versatile they are to use. You can change your style in a breeze with new synthetic lace wigs and the quality is better than ever. With so many people only just starting to use wigs for the first time there are understandably some mistakes that they are making. We have put together this little article just to shed light on some easy mistakes that many first timers are making. So before you throw on your brand new lace front wig and wear her out this weekend for that big occasion, make sure you read through this to touch up on your wig game.

Not Cutting the Lace Edges

A lot of newcomers don't cut the lace edge at the fringe of their lace front wig, even more cut it improperly. It’s okay! We were all there once. It is easier than many think. Just make sure to go easy with it. Just cut small pieces and work your way towards the fringe. Be patient and you will be fine. Cut the lace all around the front and sides of the lace wig in long strokes to keep it smooth and not jagged.

Using Glues Blindly

As with anything else you are doing for the first time, test first. Glues are chemicals that may not suit all skin types. If you are going to use any product to help secure your wig make sure you test it first. It is always better to go for higher quality products or products you have experience with. It is best to stick by this advice so you can avoid some potentially embarrassing allergic reactions. A good test is just to place a small amount of the product on your arm or hand and wait overnight to see how you react.

Wrapping Your Hair Incorrectly

Wrapping your hair properly is such an important technique to learn to make sure your wig game is on point. By properly wrapping your hair you avoid the puffy look that many people associate with badly worn wigs. While braiding takes more time, it is ideal, especially for those with longer hair. Do not braid your hair too tight as this might lead to scalp and thinning hair problems in the future.

Picking The Wrong Hair Density

Make sure you are choosing a lace front wig that has the right density. When a wig is too thin or too thick it is very easy to spot that it is a wig. If you are trying to look natural make sure you get the right density of hair. This can usually be solved by buying from reputable quality suppliers. Don’t buy cheap wigs and you should be fine on this one.

Picking a Wig Colour That Doesn’t Match Your Skin Tone

If you are new to wigs and wanna test out new colours for the first time it can still be beneficial to wear a wig that matches your skin tone. What works on some girls won't work as well on others. Choose a wig colour that compliments your skin tone. This will make the wig look natural. This is not to say you shouldn't go rock your fiery red new wig. We are just saying that sometimes it is good to start slow and build your confidence, then ramp it up with more eclectic wigs later.

Picking a Wig Cap That Does Not Match Your Scalp Colour

Many first timers make the mistake of wearing a wig cap that does not match their scalp properly. Although it can be hard to find a perfectly matching wig cap. When it doesn't match up properly it can be easy to break the illusion of real hair and notice that you are wearing a wig. There is a quick trick that make this contrast less visible. By using a small amount of powder or foundation you can blend your hairline wear the wig cap may be visible. This blends the colour into your natural skin tone and hides the wig cap.

Wearing a Wig With an Unnatural Hairline

Our own hairlines are not perfect. They may be jagged or have spaces in which hair protrudes at different lengths and in different spots. Many poorly designed wigs are made without these natural features. If  you get a wig make sure that when you try it on the hairline looks natural. A common work around for this is to use tweezers to pick individual hairs out along the hairline. There are many videos online that can show you how to shape the hairline of your new synthetic wig.

Synthetic lace front wigs have given girls a new way to express themselves. At Lace Front Wigs we make wigs for this exact reason! We don't want anyone to have any wig mishaps their first time wearing a wig. Hopefully these tips have helped you, or maybe a friend, so that you can get out there and express your new style with your synthetic lace front wig.

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