9 Things You Should Know About Wigs Before Buying One

Lace Fronts Australia Blog - 9 Thinsg To Know

As you delve into the realm of wigs—whether motivated by a desire for a stylistic transformation, to address hair loss, or simply to explore diverse aesthetics—it marks a significant step forward. Acquiring a wig entails a blend of excitement, expectation, and perhaps a touch of uncertainty. Yet, fret not! Allow me to share nine pivotal insights that shed light on essential aspects of embarking on this venture into the world of wig acquisition:

Don’t Wait Too Long! 

Time is of the essence when it comes to wig shopping. Custom-made wigs take weeks, if not months, to create, and even standard wigs may not be readily available for immediate purchase. Make your appointment sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary delays. Book your complimentary consultation here.

Decide Your Budget in Advance 

From affordable options to high-end luxury pieces, wig prices can vary drastically. Setting a budget beforehand helps narrow down your choices and ensures you’re not tempted by wigs that are beyond your means. Remember, there’s a perfect wig for every budget. Need financial assistance? Depending on your location in Australia and reason for purchasing, you maybe entitled to government assistance, click here to find out more. 

Human Hair or Synthetic? 

Choosing between human hair and synthetic wigs depends on your preferences and lifestyle. While synthetic wigs offer convenience and affordability, human hair wigs provide versatility and durability. Consider your styling habits and budget before making a decision. Have a look at our Synthetics Collection, or if you are looking for something more seamless and natural, check out our Human Hair Collection

Communicate Your Preferences 

Clear communication is key when meeting with a wig specialist. Describe your desired color, length, hair type, and style to ensure you’re presented with options that align with your vision. A little preparation goes a long way in finding your dream wig. Not sure about booking a complimentary consultation? You can read about what it entails here.

Trust Your Instincts 

Building a rapport with your wig specialist is essential. If you don’t feel comfortable or understood, don’t hesitate to seek assistance elsewhere. Your confidence in your specialist directly impacts your satisfaction with your wig, so don’t settle for anything less than stellar service. At Lace Fronts Australia, we pride ourselves in providing inclusive and compassionate service. If you’re hesitant about getting started, feel free to call us on (07) 5539 2590.

Bring the Right Companion 

While it’s tempting to bring a friend along for moral support, remember that choosing a wig is a personal decision. Opt for someone who understands your preferences and can offer constructive feedback without imposing their own preferences. Ultimately, you’re the one who has to wear the wig, so trust your judgment above all else.

Ask About Baby Hair 

Want a natural-looking hairline? Don’t forget to inquire about baby hair. Trimming baby hair around the hairline can enhance the realism of your wig, particularly if you plan to wear it in updos or ponytails. Just make sure it’s done by a skilled professional to avoid any mishaps. Learn all the trade secrets on our YouTube channel

Don’t Rush Your Decision 

Patience is key when choosing a wig. Take your time exploring different options and trying on various styles until you find the perfect match. Rushing into a decision often leads to regrets later on, so embrace the process and enjoy the journey to finding your ideal wig.

Care for Your Investment

Once you’ve found your dream wig, it’s crucial to maintain it properly. Whether it’s human hair or synthetic, regular care and maintenance ensure longevity and optimal performance. Follow your wig specialist’s advice for cleaning, styling, and storing your wig to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Speaking from personal experience, purchasing a canvas head is an absolute game changer. It makes styling and general maintenance simple and easy. We recommend viewing all our hair care and accessories


Buying a wig extends beyond a simple transaction; it represents a transformative journey requiring careful consideration and attention to detail. By keeping these seven points in mind, you’ll confidently navigate the world of wigs, emerging with a newfound sense of style and self-assurance. Happy wig shopping!